Dear Editor,

I am responding to Rolland Myers letter to the editor dated November 3rd. Mr. Myers contends that it is unlawful to display a flag that contains words that he finds offensive. He states his only interest is for our community not to be bombarded with vulgar language, but privately you can curse like a sailor.

Unfortunately, in our society some curse words are used too often. Even if the are abbreviated the meaning is still understood. If you use Rolland Myers interpretation of what he thinks is some court mandate as a guide to free speech. I contend that Mr. Myers letter to the editor was equally offensive as the flag he complaints about. I counted twelve abbreviations to the word that offends him. Isn’t the abbreviations equally understood by the community and isn’t the newspaper a public forum? So, by Rolland Myers own standard he has broken the law by writing a letter containing curse words, or is it okay to use abbreviated curse words?

Would the flag be tolerated if the curse word wasn’t entirely spelled out? Is Mr. Myers and the newspaper both guilty of contributing to the decline of our community through the printing of such vulgar language.

If you think the sing should be taken down then you must also find equal fault with Rolland’s use of thee the same words and the newspaper for printing Rolland’s letter. I personally don’t believe the words on the flag are the issue, especially since the same words (even though they are abbreviated) flow so easily and profusely from Rolland’s finger tips.

So, what is the real issue about the flag? Maybe its the color, maybe the flag is just a reason to write a letter and try to degrade someone with a different political point of view. Tucked away in all of Rolland Myers’ curse word abbreviations is this phrase: “this petty display of Trump temperament.”

The agenda of radical liberals is always the same, degrade everyone who doesn’t agree with them and to use any method to accomplish that goal.

Rolland (stop embarrassing yourself) if your free speech right can contain abbreviations of vulgar language - your neighbors have the same right to their free speech. You seem to believe your right is protected, but your neighbor’s isn’t (typical liberal).

Keith Myers

Oakwood, Ohio