Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of Pennies, I told you about losing my Social Security card. I also noted how I tried to replace the missing card online.

Well, you know if you read my last column, the website I clicked on to get my replacement Social Security card turned out to be Dabbler. com., who just provided blank papers for me to print and mail in.

They also had charged me $38 for basically nothing.

After telling exactly what I thought of them and demanding a refund, I waited until the next day and called Social Security.

The lady at the Social Security office was nice and told me the best way to get a replacement card was to visit a local office.

Well, the day I decided to go happened to be the Friday after Thanksgiving and they were not open. What a bummer.

In the meantime, my search continued. I looked in each crack and crevice of this house. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

One night I was sitting here with my friend, Denny, and I said, “I am going to clean out this coat closet, throw away old purses and look one last time for my mystery card.”

I wound up getting a trash bag and found lots of coats and purses ready to donate.

I looked in each old purse and all I found was a penny (yes, it was from my mama!) and an old cough drop. Was that a cough drop or a piece of gum?

I was ready to give up when I said, “I am going to go through each purse one last time very carefully.”

When it seemed like there was nothing in them, I spotted a hidden zipper in a black purse!

I unzipped the zipper and pulled out a few cards. All of a sudden, I spotted that old Social Security card.

Trust me, that may be the first card I ever had and even though it is in two pieces, I can still see the number and my name!

I hollered, “Thank you, Jesus!” and jumped up and down.

Denny said. “Don’t tell me you found it!”

I said, “Yes and I believe it was a miracle.” I still believe that it was a miracle that I spotted that hidden zipper.

You know we used to be able to send in and get a replacement card, but in order to do that today, you also have to mail them your driver’s license.

Ladies, make sure you check your purses when you change them. A year later, you might get lucky and find an old cough drop or even a penny.

Have you ever lost important documentation? Have you ever been on the internet to try and replace a government card? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.