It is always nice to take an evening and just go out. You never know what you will see and what might happen on these “go out nights.”

With all the heat and humidity, Denny and I decided to go out to a nice restaurant about 30 miles east of my house.

I put on a nice dress and got my hair done in preparation for our night out.

The day had been cooler and it was a beautiful evening. We were excited to be on our way.

Denny put a John Fogerty Sings Country CD in and we both sang to the top of our lungs. One of the songs we sang was a favorite, “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away.”

We didn’t care if we sang loud or out of key, we were just kicking back and enjoying the ride.

We arrived at the restaurant of our choice and were seated very quickly.

Now, what should we order? The menu was almost like a book, but we decided to have the pasta.

With the entree you got either all the soup or salad you could eat, plus breadsticks.

We both got the soup. I settled for the potato sausage soup and Denny was adventurous and tried three different kinds.

The pasta arrived and it was served with meatballs and a marinara sauce. Oh, no!

Now, I love spaghetti but never got the hang of eating it gracefully.

Denny had tried to show me how to twirl the pasta into a spoon and eat it without slurping.

I did try to be graceful but I was so slow twirling my spaghetti that after ten minutes, I had only eaten one bite.

I told Denny, “I am sorry, but I will just have to eat my spaghetti with some slurps.”

Yes, our dinner was great and I managed to get just a little sauce on my dress.

On our way home, Denny decided he wanted to show me this huge steam engine located in a park.

A lot of streets were closed, but we finally got to the park and there was one of the biggest steam engines I had ever seen.

After a little history lesson on the engine, we were driving down the middle of town, when Denny said, “Holey moley. There is a guy riding that motorcycle with a shark hat on.”

I looked and said, “Maybe it’s a hoodie.”

“Nope,” said Denny, “It is a shark face.”

We pulled up closer to the motorcycle and sure enough the rider had on almost a full mask with shark teeth along both sides of the mouth and eyes on top.

I could not believe it. This was definitely not a helmet and all the passersby stopped and stared at the motorcycle rider in a shark mask.

We got almost half way through downtown when a car approached, didn’t stop and the motorcycle driver almost got hit.

I knew if that car would have struck him, that shark face would not have protected his head.

The guy was very lucky, but we are still wondering why he was dressed in a shark face.

I said, “Maybe he is a bank robber.” Denny replied, “Maybe he is going to a costume party or a parade.”

It is funny of all the scenarios you can think of when you see something you have never seen before. We will never forget that shark on a motorcycle!

Our next stop was a big department store and I decided I wanted to buy a book I had been wanting to read.

I said, “Well the book is kind of pricey, but I am going to buy it anyways.”

After making our purchases, we headed back to my house just in time to watch our favorite show, Battle Bots.

Well, I got my new book out to look at and did I ever get a surprise.

I already had the book and read most of it and did not even recognize the cover.

The same book I had bought about a year ago was a hardback and the new one was a paperback. I sure got fooled on that one. Must have been that cover.

All in all it was a fun night. We sang, got out of town, ate a nice dinner, saw a huge steam engine, saw a man in a shark head riding a motorcycle and I bought a book I not only already had, but also read.

Now maybe none of this sounds exciting, but just getting out and seeing different things can really make you feel pretty good.

I guess we need to make adventures out of all of our experiences and expect the unexpected.

Do you like to go new places, old places or just anywhere? Do you believe that our simple experiences can be a lot of fun?

Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.