Make sure to don green and put down your keys if you want to avoid getting pinched come March 17. Despite its religious undertones, St. Patrick’s Day inevitably results in some light bruising for folks whose dress doesn’t express the Emerald Isle’s characteristic hue. It also ranks among the year’s most popular drinking occasions.

Each year, more than 33 million Irish-Americans and fellow partiers worldwide raise pints of Guinness and forkfuls of cabbage in the name of the Ireland’s primary patron saint. But the good times are too often ruined by drunk-driving incidents, which can have a devastating impact on lives in general and wallets in particular. So in addition to checking out the interesting St. Paddy’s Day stats presented below, try to keep your celebrations safe this year. The cost of a quick Uber or Lyft ride pales in comparison to that of a DUI or vehicular manslaughter charge, after all.

Besides, St. Patrick’s Day already has the potential to be quite an expensive event, with lots of corn beef, cabbage, Guinness and green clothing on many Americans’ shopping lists.

Source: WalletHub