AYNE – Barbara Williams has been a dedicated member of Saint Jacob’s Church in Payne for many years. The longer she is member the more outreach programs she organizes.

She has witnessed throughout the years several local families suffer from natural disasters, such as flooding and severe economic hardships. While raising her three kids she also was a single mom at times. She understands what it is like to face hardship and have no idea where to turn to seek help.

Recently, the consistery board of the church approved the opening of a free clothing closet. Williams transformed a vacant room into a small closet that offers a variety of clothes for adults and children. Last week the closet officially opened to the public.

St. Jacob’s Closet is open by appointment only. In order to make an apppointment she stated that people are more than welcome to contact her (419-769-8222), Pastor Eric (419-487-0812) and Lindsey Manz (419-910-0202).

“I have a great support system,” she stated. “They were an immense help with making opening the closet a success.”

Presently, Williams is only accepting donations of newly purchased underwear, especially for children; newly purchased shoes and socks as well. She also stated that she is willing to accept hygine products and books as well.

Each year the chuch hosts a free give away before school starts. When it gets closer to the free giveaway date she will be accepting donations of gently used clothing and toys.

Her niece, Rikki Skiver, generously donated coloring books and crayons to the closet. When children come visit the closet they are able to take one of each with them.

Williams excitedly shared that she received a phone call from their first customer. A resident of Payne called her to ask if the closet could help some students at a local school. Williams enthusiastically agreed to help and had the items prepared for pick up.

“I am hopeful this will help people in need. I would like to find a way to minister to visitors of the closet as well. I would like to send them home with a scripture message to help boost morale. I hate to see single parents and children struggle. A good Christian helps the widows and the children,” she noted.

She encourages anyone who needs what St. Jacob’s Closet has to offer to please make an appointment. She wants everyone to know that whomever visits the closet will be accepted with no judgements passed.