HAVILAND – Last week, Wayne Trace School Board hosted a meet-and-greet of the four candidates running for a seat on the board. The attending candidates were: Jeremy Moore, Melanie Forrer, Eleica Wobler and Rhonda Stabler.

The moderator for the evening was Jason Williamson with Dick Swary as the timekeeper.

Prior to the meet-and-greet each candidate received a set of questions to prepare and present their answers. Once those questions were answered, Williamson read off questions received that night and each candidate had an opportunity to answer those questions.

Each candidate introduced him or herself. Forrer, Moore and Stabler are all three life long residents of the Wayne Trace school district. Wobler has lived in the district since having children. Forrer, Moore and Wobler each have a child(ren) in the school district. All four candidates have a variety of life experiences and each feels as though those experiences have given them the tools necessary to serve successfully on the school board.

Wobler and Forrer both presented that their platforms are mental health awareness. Both recognize the necessity for a mental health program in the school district and passionately feel it would be immensely beneficial, as well.

Moore stated that, among other things, banning clubs that specifically represent sexual orientation is a focal point for his platform. It is with deep conviction that he is compelled to enforce the rules of the school handbook regarding inappropriate speech and behavior and impress upon the district that conversations regarding sexual orientation are to be had at home.

Stabler stated that her platform is to finish the work that she has started during her first term on the school board. Since her election for her first term she has worked on the Master Planning Process, partnering with Carmen, Miller and Associates to implement repair plans for all facilities in the school district. Stabler stated that she would like to see it through. She is also interested in finding a solution to the teaching and substitute teaching shortage the district is experiencing.

While answering the first round of questions many issues were addressed. They were posed with the question about if they believed that, although Wayne Trace has lost half of its junior class to Vantage Career Center, it was still a good option for the students. All four candidates strongly agreed that Vantage is a beneficial option for students in the district. They all acknowledged that even though losing students to the center may cause issues with funding it is still important to have it available to the students.

They were asked if they had an issue with voting down something they don’t agree with, even if it goes against everyone else. All four candidates stated that they had no issue standing alone. They also added, though, that they would prefer to find a way to compromise in order to best serve the district.

They were asked if they believed that Wayne Trace needed a performing arts center or an athletic complex. Wobler, Forrer and Stabler agreed that the district was in serious need of a performing arts center and the kids who dedicate their time to the arts are equally deserving of a place to accommodate them as are the athletes of the district. Moore dissented and stated that he would prefer funds be used for an athletic complex. He did, however, acknowledge that the arts are an important part of the district.

All four candidates enthusiastically support the principals at each school within the district. The candidates are also willing to dedicate their time to attend events so that they can be present and available for everyone. They all agreed that it is important for everyone in the school district to feel comfortable with approaching them and that being involved is the best way to serve the board and district.

All four candidates stated that they are each effective communicators, willing to listen and find a way to solve problems. They also stated that, while they are available to help everyone in the district, they would like to encourage everyone to use the proper channels to address and resolve issues.

There was a unanimous agreement that they fully support the teaching staff and believe that the principals and the administrative staff do a fantastic job of serving the school district.

With three vacant spots to fill, the school district will experience a big change by electing three officials into office.