Paulding Village officials are proposing erecting a fence at the village’s brush pile behind Live Oak Cemetery. The fence line is marked in pink. A gate would be positioned at the northwest corner.

PAULDING – A full-time EMS employee, a fuel surcharge on trash collection, and limiting access to the village’s brush pile were among the agenda items before Paulding Village Council on Tuesday, June 21.

The meeting was postponed one day due to the Juneteenth holiday observance on Monday.

Councilman Dan Workman reported the safety committee met Monday to discuss possibility of hiring at one or two full-time EMTs (emergency medical technicians) for the EMS squad.

Sue Crossland, assistant EMS coordinator, told the committee what the position would require. Workman said that after much discussion, the committee decided to wait on additional information and clarification from village solicitor Harvey Hyman.

“I think at this time the committee is in agreement we need to move forward and try to get a full-time EMT on to help cover the Monday through Friday day shift. That’s where we seem to be missing all of our runs, or the majority of them,” Workman said.

Councilman Randy Daeger asked if another committee meeting will be held to decided whether to hire one or two employees. Workman said once the needed information is received, another meeting will be scheduled, hopefully in the very near future.

Finance Director Cheryl Halter said she had included some EMS financial figures from 2021 in the council packets.

Administrator Jason Vance provided several updates.

Vance is working on gathering options and pricing for fencing, gates and camera for the village brush pile behind Live Oak Cemetery. He provided an aerial view of the site marked with the proposed fence line and camera location.

Village officials hope the fence will prevent outside contractors and non-residents from dumping debris at the compost site.

Werlor, the village’s solid waste contractor, contacted Vance on Tuesday to request the village authorize a fuel surcharge fee that is included in the current contract.

The surcharge would be an additional 34 cents per month for July, August and September. The current price per household is $11.44 per month, to increase to $11.78 per month with the surcharge. The amount will be recalculated for the last quarter off the year.

Council approved the administrator’s report, which authorizes the fuel surcharge.

Resident Ellen Hayden asked council why her trash pickup was discontinued after her water was shut off due to needed repairs in the residence. She told council she has been paying the monthly water and sewer surcharge fee and would pay for trash collection. The matter was referred to Hyman for further investigation.

Council unanimously approved two ordinances on their third readings.

Ordinance 1631-22 amends Section 52.45 of the codified ordinances of the village of Paulding and authorizes the village administrator to incorporate an annual sewer rate increase up to 5 percent over the amount charged in the current year.

Ordinance 1632-22 amends Section 51.16(A) of the codified ordinances and authorizes the administrator to incorporate an annual water rate increase up to 5 percent over the amount charged in the current year.

Mayor Greg White noted his appreciation of the street and utility workers and police for the work they are doing in recent high temperatures.

White also said the swimming pool has had good attendance every day.

Hyman told council a junk violation case will be going to trial in Paulding County Municipal Court next week. He said the village has been awarded fines on every case taken to court so far.

Daeger reminded residents and business that open burning in the village is prohibited. If someone sees a fire they believe may be in violation, they should call the police department.

Councilman David Burtch requested a recreation committee meeting to discuss the possibility of fundraising to sponsor free admission at the pool.

“It’s a resource that we have down there we’ve invested a ton of money on. It’s a crying shame that it’s not more available, whatever the cost might be,” Burtch said. Other council members suggested the attendance might be lower than expected because it’s too hot, or because of vacations.

The meeting was set for 4:45 p.m. Monday, June 27.

A street committee meeting will be held June 27 following the recreation committee meeting regarding street parking on Buckeye Drive.

In other business, council:

• Heard all the underground piping installation has been completed on the Gasser Road infrastructure extension project. The contractor is still waiting for delivery of some lift station components.

• Heard the John Paulding Summer Blast is scheduled July 15 with parade, fireworks, food and live music.

• Asked Vance to check into whether the state will be taking over maintenance of North Williams Street (U.S. 127). The street needs repairs, especially the southbound lane.

The next regular council meeting is 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 5, due to the Independence Day holiday July 4. The meeting ID number is 445 135 2151.