PAULDING COUNTY – The Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) has reported today that 5,850 patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. This number has surpassed the record broken last week of 5,356 patients being hospitalized in Ohio with COVID-19, and notably surpassed the previous record of 5,308 patients, which was recorded on December 15, 2020. Just in the last 24-hours there have been 183 new hospital admissions due to COVID-19.

Currently, these hospitalizations include 1,273 patients who are the ICU. This number is increasingly approaching the record high for ICU patients which was recorded on December 15, 2020, with 1,318 ICU patients being reported. According to current OHA data, one in three patients are COVID-19 positive, including ICU patients.

Like many other hospitals nationwide, Paulding County Hospital is under significant stress. PCH has had to take astonishing measures to help manage the current COVID-19 surge. During this time, we have been confronted with significant staffing shortages due to open positions, COVID-19 infection or exposure, and staff burnout. In addition, we have had to postpone some elective services and procedures due to staffing and supply chain shortages.

Echoing the thoughts of a critical care nurse recorded in Columbus: “Our beds are full. There is nowhere else to go, and we are short-staffed as everyone else…We are tired, we are frustrated, and we want the best for our patients.” In a recent press release, Governor DeWine emphasized that COVID-19 vaccines remain a powerful tool to keep individuals out of the hospital. Since June 2021, there have been 35,962 admissions, and 92.5% of those have been individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

The best way to assist area hospitals is to do your best to protect yourself by masking up, social distancing, and getting vaccinated. We are urging our community to step up and get vaccinated against COVID-19. Simply rolling up your sleeve can help to protect yourself, your loved ones, your co-workers, your doctor, your nurse, your teacher, and your community. We implore you, please get vaccinated!

Paulding County Hospital will continue to fight for our patients and this great community we serve….close to home! We need your assistance to be triumphant, please help us in this fight and schedule your vaccination today.

Vaccine appointments are conveniently available to all eligible age groups on our website by clicking on, CLICK HERE to schedule a COVID VACCINE Appointment.