The old Paulding County Jail, built in 1876, has been purchased by a former area resident.
The old Paulding County Jail, built in 1876, has been purchased by a former area resident.

Progress Staff Writer

PAULDING – The old Paulding County Jail has been sold again.

On April 2, the sale of the jail was completed with former Van Wert County resident Shelly Burk Robertson purchasing the landmark for $15,000.

The jail escaped demolition in 2013 when All Trades Historical Restoration from Tampa, Fla., purchased the historic structure for just under $12,000. After some limited work, both interior and exterior, the building, for the most part, has received little attention from its owners.

Because Paulding is some distance from the restoration business’s headquarters and the difficulty of maintaining the structure, it was later offered for sale.

Purchasing the building was just a stroke of luck, according to the new owner.

“One of the guys who was working on the jail put a notice on Facebook advertising the sale of the jail. A relative saw the ad and contacted me about it,” Robertson said.

“I am from the area and my family members have lived in Paulding County for many years. My father is from Scott,” she said.

Currently living in Indianapolis, Robertson, who heads up 187 P.I., a paranormal research group, plans to restore the building and turn it into a historical museum that will strongly display the interior of the building and its alleged dark past.

“We plan to get started soon and pick up where the former owners left off. Our plan is to display artifacts from the building as well as depicting the history of the former jail,” she said.

Robertson has already been in contact with some of the area’s leaders and is excited about the purchase and is looking forward to getting started and seeing what can be discovered in their research.

“We’ve been looking for a piece of property to do paranormal research and this building is perfect. We have heard many stories about the jail and its history and we are ready to proceed with our research,” Robertson concluded.