Rellim Drainage Technology was established in December 2019 by Tony and Staci Miller.

They will focus on cleaning and clearing ditches for rural consumers and government agencies in need of their services.

Rellim uses a 42-inch side-arm ditcher designed to clean and maintain roadside ditches and other ditches that cannot be safely straddled with other ditching equipment.

The unique design and durability of this machine will clear ditches containing sod, water, roots, hard dry dirt and other debris with ease.

Soil is thrown out the left side of the ditcher and may be distributed over a 65-foot area allowing it to be distributed back into the landowners’ fields without damaging the field or crops growing.

It takes over 500 years for one-inch of top soil to develop, so this machine helps to sustain the soil by placing it directly back into the field.

The ditcher is able to clean out one mile of ditch in one hour, removing 10 to 12 inches of soil from the bottom.

This unit is equipped with a GPS technology which will allow for the ditches to put on grade as the soil and debris is being removed.

The new Rellim Drainage Technology Company is currently available in Paulding, Putnam, Defiance, and Van Wert counties.

As a full service ditch company, they will provide one-on-one service and support to each of their customers.

Please feel free to contact Tony Miller for a quote on your ditch cleaning needs at 419-203-1673 or email Rellim Drainage Technology at