PAULDING – Paulding County and the surrounding area has a plethora of viable mowing services. On any given summer day you can see mowers being hauled from yard to yard all around the county. The goal by the majority is to mow residential or small commercial lawns and keep them looking great. Now, there is new specialized mowing option.

Over the Hill Specialized Mowing is a new mowing service aimed at mowing and bushhogging large, steep, hard to reach areas including pastures, ponds, lagoon management, and woods. Whether the lot is just a big yard of 2, 3 or more acres, has up to 10’ tall grass or up to 2” diameter trees, the new business has a mowing equipment option for the project. Whether you need help with large commercial properties, churches, nursing homes, or simply agriculture pastures or woods too big to tackle, the 60”- 80” mower decks can handle any size projects.

Owner Steve Plummer is not new to starting a business. A life-long resident of Paulding County, Steve has been very successful in building business from scratch. This new mowing venture will be the fifteenth business on his resume.

As Steve suffered with a medical issue called Ataxia, Steve sold off earlier businesses and retired in 1999. In retirement Steve noticed that there were a lot of mowing businesses, but no one doing specialized mowing. If anything was learned in previous business ventures it was that to be successful you do what others can’t or what others will not do. This new specialized mowing business will do just that.

Living in a generally flat, rural agricultural area, not everyone is equipped with the equipment required for banked lagoons and ponds. Steve purchased specialized four-wheel drive mowing equipment designed to mow up to 30-degree slopes safely. Additionally, the clippings or debris from the mowers was at times ending up in the body of water. A system was developed to mow off the cattails and weeds and also retrieve them for disposal.

If all that wasn’t enough, Steve and his team are already adding more options to the business. This fall there is a leaf removal option using large blowers. Over the Hill Specialized Mowing will then be offering heavy duty rolling in the spring. A unique roller system has been designed to fit on the front of their mower so it does not leave any marks in the yard. Steve stated, “All of these options are just something our team loves to do and we enjoy doing for everyone,”

Over the Hill Specialized Mowing is actively seeking new customers and is working to get the word out about the new business. Should you have any questions or like to discuss the business and what they offer further please contact Steve Plummer via email or call 419-670-5846