PAULDING – As state and local residents start removing their masks and moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses – especially those that serve the highest risk populations, are putting plans in place to better protect against future outbreaks and health threats. Country Inn Enhanced Living Center in Paulding has invested in air and surface purification technology installed throughout their facility to protect their residents, staff and families today and in the future.

Country Inn has installed Microbial Area Kleeners (or MAK) units developed by Extreme Microbial Technologies out of Dayton. The systems feature ACTIVE technology that continually produces chemical free and safe Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma to seek out and eliminate viruses including COVID-19 and many other microbial contaminants found in the air and on surfaces.

The MAK systems have been validated 99.9 percent effective against COVID-19 after evaluation by the University of Louisville, Center for Predictive Medicine and are distributed across the U.S. and other areas of the world as an added layer of protection in schools, nursing homes, restaurants, and multiple other industry sectors.

“Long-term care facilities were some of the hardest-hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic. The hardship and loss in communities that serve the elderly and high-risk populations was devastating and with what we know today, we are working to have stronger safeguards in place for the future,” Kenny Thomas of Country Inn Enhanced Living said.

“We understand that making the decision to enter a congregate living setting can be a difficult and emotional experience. This is just one more way we can assure our residents and their families they are in a safe and caring environment.”

Country Inn Enhanced Living Center has installed 14 units throughout their HVAC system. Today the facility has 22 residents with a capacity to care for more than 40. For more information visit