PC Workshop has acquired the former site of Don and Perry’s Furniture store and will be moving the Limitless store to the location in the near future. Attached below is a press release from PC Workshop announcing the move:

"We are very excited to announce the Limitless store will be moving to the former site of Don and Perry’s Furniture store in the near future. The non-profit Board has purchased the building in an effort to further our community connections and further our mission of bettering our clients’ lives.

The new store location will enable us to have greater visibility, not only for the store's success, but to place our clients smack dab in the heart of Paulding and to further their connection to others. We are truly creating what we wish to see in our neighborhood.

The location, 118 Williams Street, is three stories high and in great condition. We know this will be costly to renovate, but we believe in investing in our community and our people. We know we will need a lot of help monetarily and time to make this happen! The plan is to only renovate the first floor at this time, move the store to the first floor and then to renovate the second and third floors as fundraising efforts happen. We would love to someday make this into a restaurant or event space, depending on the future. Our greatest priority is making sure our services and current operation is able to be successful.

We still desperately need our current space. Classes and processing for the store will remain at the 900 West Caroline location and all transportation will remain to and from this location. We will also have a family/friends meeting to discuss as we get further in the process.

Thank you for your love and support! This decision was made by all the clients in our vocational program and we are all ecstatic!!!"

The Paulding Progress will have more information on this story as it continues to develop.