Paulding County Progress
	Paulding County’s General Fund is primarily funded by property taxes and sales tax. This chart shows approximate percentages of funding sources anticipated for 2018.
Paulding County Progress Paulding County’s General Fund is primarily funded by property taxes and sales tax. This chart shows approximate percentages of funding sources anticipated for 2018.

Paulding County General

Fund Budgets 2009-2018

Year Total

2018 $6,177,734

2017 $6,113,728

2016 $5,565,601

2015 $5,225,300

2014 $4,945,076

2013 $4,674,526

2012 $4,295,880

2011 $3,945,815

2010 $3,768,240

2009 $4,065,250


Progress Editor

PAULDING – The Paulding County commissioners have approved appropriations for the 2018 General Fund and Special Funds. More than $6 million are in the general fund appropriations alone.

Special funds appropriations, approved separately, total $17.3 million.

The General Fund appropriations for the new year total $6,177,734.50, a marginal increase over the 2017 figure of $6,113,728.24.

“We’re doing very well. We try to be frugal, we try to maintain what we have,” said Commissioner Roy Klopfenstein. “

“The biggest challenge, which is ongoing with every budget, is healthcare costs,” said Klopfenstein. “Costs continue to rise. While you want to take care of your people, it also amounts to a fair amount of the budget.”

Klopfenstein added that all costs continue to gradually go up. “Whether it’s labor, it’s supplies, it’s maintenance, nothing goes up as disproportionally as healthcare.”

The sheriff’s office and jail are priorities, “especially with the drug situation in the county,” the commissioner said. “We want to make sure we have a safe community.”

Three General Fund budgets that will see a hike in 2018 are the prosecutor’s office, juvenile court and election board.

Klopfenstein explained the prosecutor’s office, along with the sheriff’s office, are sharing an investigator to help prepare cases for court. He noted that the number of court cases continues to rise.

The juvenile court budget reflects the addition of a diversion officer. In this court too, the number of cases is increasing.

This year’s election board budget is higher than last year because voters will go to the polls twice in 2018, for a primary election and a general election.

An insurance budget decreased by $70,000. Klopfenstein said this is due to jail corrections officers being paid out of the General Fund in 2017, but the funding source will be switched to a jail fund in the new year. The costs did not decrease.

Overall, revenue is projected to rise about 3 percent. During the current year, sales tax revenue went up about 4 percent, which is slightly higher than anticipated.

“We can’t talk about the budget without talking about wind farm revenue,” Klopfenstein said. “It allows us to do maintenance and projects.” He added, “We try to be fiscally responsible with everything, yet still make Paulding County a special place.”

General Fund Budget projections (with 2017 projections in parenthesis) include:

Commissioners, $293,398 ($293,567); County Auditor, $189,967 ($188,137); County Treasurer, $135,586 ($126,224); County Prosecutor, $373,250 ($326,820);

Bureau of Inspection $57,500 ($62,500); Court of Common Pleas, $171,386 ($169,686); Juvenile Court, $176,979 ($133,910); Probate Court, $67,039 ($66,087);

Clerk of Courts, $132,214 ($131,217.11); Coroner, $64,305 ($64,305); County Court, $307,750 ($303,802); Election Board, $205,062 ($183,167);

Commissioners’ Building and Grounds, $387,000 ($387,000); Sheriff, $1,952,391 ($1,928,682); County Recorder, $146,056 ($144,680); Health and Welfare, $10,000 ($30,000);

Insurance, $330,287 ($401,216); Soldier’s Relief, $233,465.99 ($231,194.93); Engineer, $32,004.51 ($23,450.20); Insurance Loss/Control, $337,611 ($335,950);

Commissioners’ Misc., $161,563 ($161,563); Court of Appeals, $6,500 ($6,500); General Fund Transfers, $375,420 ($375,420) and General Fund Settlement Fees, $31,000 ($38,650).

Around 90 funds are included in the special appropriations. These funds also remain fairly consistent over 2017 spending. Some of the major funds’ 2018 appropriations are below:

Dog & Kennel, $72,463.88; Health Department, $371,745; Auditor’s Real Estate Assessment, $442,840; Engineer’s Gas Tax, $3,551,500;

Soil & Water Conservation, $201,100; SWCD Ditch Maintenance, $216,868.35; Board Of MRDD/PARC Lane, $2,032,707; Certificate Of Title Administration, $198,350; DARE, $48,408.75;

WIC, $92,589; CDBG, $500,000; Library, $1,076,582; Maumee Watershed, $68,089.63; Senior Center, $509,475.60;

Hospital Bond Retirement Fund, $117,562; E-911, $554,795.35; CSEA, $311,000; Tri County Mental Health, $332,192; Infrastructure Projects, $143,000;

Emergency Management Agency (EMA), $88,375.36; Economic Repayment Loan Fund, $125,000; Waste Management Education and Awareness (WMEA) Grant, $125,000; Jail Diversion, $43,480.50; Gasser Road Industrial, $93,152.88;

County Court Special Project, $110,000 ; J E Activity Fund, $60,000; Maintaining/Operating Jail, $522,441.15; Ohio Housing Trust, $80,000; Victims Assistance Fund, $59,792; Jail Debt Service, $99,700; Wireless 911, $165,000; County Health Insurance $1,034,800; OSU Extension $114,555.33; Park District $15,000.