HAVILAND – Duane Sinn was nominated and sworn in as president of the Wayne Trace School Board at the organizational meeting held last Monday evening.

Lisa McClure was nominated and elected vice president for 2019. As she was absent, she will be sworn in to office at the next meeting.

Consent agenda items approved included:

• Establishing the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. for regular scheduled board meetings.

• Confirming that each board member will receive compensation at the salary of $100 per meeting.

• Authorizing the treasurer to make transfers, secure advances, invest funds and pay the bills.

• Authorizing the superintendent to approve items, make decisions, employ personnel, sign documents and approve budgets.

• Authorizing the board president and treasurer to borrow money.

• Authorizing the superintendent and treasurer to apply for grants.

• Authorizing the superintendent as purchasing agent for the school district with a limit of $25,000.

• Confirming that substitute teacher rate should remain at $90.

• Authorizing membership in the Ohio High School Boards Association for 2019.

• Designating positions as cashiers and authorizing individuals to make bank deposits.

• Setting petty cash funds as follows – athletic department ticket fund $1,700 and concessions at $600.

In other new business, the board appointed board members to committees for the 2019 year as follows:

Audit – Pat Baumle, Lisa McClure, Duane Sinn, Kori Stoller and Dick Swary.

Building and Grounds – Kori Stoller and Lisa McClure.

Transportation & Food Services – Pat Baumle and Dick Swary.

Finance, Insurance and P.I. Fund – Pat Baumle, Lisa McClure, Duane Sinn, Kori Stoller and Dick Swary.

Personnel – Duane Sinn and Dick Swary.

Policy – Pat Baumle and Kori Stoller.

Extracurricular – Lisa McClure and Kori Stoller.

Student Achievement & Technology – Lisa McClure and Duane Sinn.

Levy Planning – Lisa McClure and Dick Swary.

Being no further organizational business, the board continued with its regular January board meeting.

Superintendent Ben Winans recognized each of the board members for their continued service to the Wayne Trace Local School District and thanked them for their time and efforts, as January is school board member recognition month.

He also mentioned that the doors have officially opened on the new weight room.

Chad Goeltzenleuchter was approved as a wrestling coach. Pond Seed Company was thanked for their donation of $1,770 to be used to assist students who struggle with the cost of their school lunches.

Also thanked were Victoria (Habern) Weisgerber for a donation of $50 made in the name of Virginia (Habern) McKnight and Susan (Habern) Nicholas for the same purpose.

The next meeting will be Monday, Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the lecture room.