Several Paulding Village streets were flooded on Friday morning following heavy rains Thursday night and early Friday. This view, provided by Tony Gonzales, shows Maple Avenue submerged. Those who experienced flooded homes or basements are urged to contact the village office.

Progress Editor

PAULDING – Issues related to stormwater drainage topped discussion at the Paulding Village Council on Monday evening.

Sarah Knapp, a resident of 120 S. Summit St., complained runoff from last week’s heavy rains again flooded the first floor of her home, causing damage to flooring. The problem first happened after the Phase 2 sewer separation project in 2015. At the time, she lost flooring, appliances, water heater and other items.

Knapp told council the damages have cost her over $25,000, with insurance covering nothing.

She said her yard floods all the time and she has a sump pump running in the yard. Also, she said the previous village administrator told her an additional catch basin was needed, but it was never installed.

Village administrator Dale Goebel has been investigating the situation and suggested perhaps the Phase 2 contractors missed connecting a tile during the project. He will try to find what needs to be done to remedy the problem.

“I just want a place to live again,” Knapp said.

“All we can say is we’re sorry. We dropped the ball on you,” Mayor Greg Reinhard said.

Reinhard noted many residents never had problems with flooded basements until after the sewer separation project.

The matter was referred to the utilities committee for discussion.

Goebel later noted any village resident who had water in their basements or first floor of their home or business last Friday should contact the village office at 419-399-4011 so it can be documented. The information will be turned over to the EMA director, who will forward it to the state EMA to help determine the storm’s impact.

In addition, anyone who didn’t get their garbage picked up as usual on Friday due to flooded streets may set out double the normal amount this Friday.

In a related matter, Tim Bakle attended the meeting regarding a letter he received from the village. He is being fined $700 for hooking up a storm sewer without a permit at a house he has on Nancy Street. Bakle said permits weren’t required in the past. Goebel responded the original ordinance regarding taps dates to 1983. Councilman Randy Daeger said the utilities committee should discuss the situation.

Councilman Tim Boss shared the safety committee report. Discussion was held about hiring additional full-time police officer and the committee recommended council proceed as soon as possible.

Councilman Greg White motioned to accept the report, with the addition that Police Chief Randy Crawford has a person interested in a full-time position who is willing to work third shift. The individual is a former police reserve and resides in the village. Further questioning revealed a current employee is planning to resign this fall.

Council debated whether the village should, or must, advertise for a full-time officer.

The motion to approve the safety committee report with White’s recommendation to begin the hiring process was passed with Boss, Daeger, White and Dave Burtch in favor, Barb Rife voting no and Dan Workman abstaining.

Later, Reinhart read a letter of resignation from Jackson Adkins, who is resigning from the department effective Oct. 1.

Council briefly reviewed the planned power outage in the village from midnight-3 a.m. Sunday. The village didn’t receive an official notice from AEP. Customers should have received phone calls from AEP. Since many people no longer have land lines, it was suggested residents check with AEP to provide them with the correct contact number for in the future.

Council reviewed the EMS report for April, which included 60 calls and 59 patients. Mutual aid was provided to Oakwood nine times and to Payne one time. There were 13 refusals. Council questioned whether the squad is paid if they make a run and the patient refuses service. They also questioned whether mutual aid includes covering runs for a squad unable to make a run.

In other business, council:

• heard donations were received toward the new fire department rescue truck. Raymond Buchman donated $500 and the Paulding VFW donated $1,000.

• voted to approve the April 22 special meeting minutes with the bid figure of $9.40 for Werlor.

• heard the recreation committee discussed damage to village property during Horsepower Holidays; no recommendation was made at this time,

• approved a motion to pay the first installment of the Phase 3 sewer separation project to VTF for $218,153.21. This covers catch basin repairs at Williams and Jackson streets and materials for the entire project.

• authorized Goebel to have problems with the water plant’s computers, scada system and emergency auto dialer fixed. PAC Engineering quoted $7,615 for repairs. Goebel will first check for problems with the phone line and the auto dialer equipment.

• heard the mayor appointed Andrea Schlueter to the village’s recreation board.

The following committee meetings were set:

• Recreation committee 10 a.m. Thursday.

• Recreation board 4 p.m. Thursday.

• Utilities committee 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 28. Landlords and residents are invited to attend as the discussion will be on utilities billing procedures.

• Finance committee on May 28 after the utilities committee.

• Safety committee 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, May 29.