PAULDING COUNTY – Now that school is out of session and summer break is in full swing the Paulding County Health Department has a few safety tips to share to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun summer.

The staff at the health department recommend the following:

Beat the heat – on hot days, make sure to take breaks from outside activity and drink plenty of water. Use sunscreen when outside.

Stay on cleared paths and out of brush and weeds to avoid ticks, which can transmit Lyme disease and other illnesses. Always check the body, kids and pets for ticks after being outdoors. If a tick is attached to the skin, there’s no need to panic — the key is to remove it as soon as possible. Fine-tipped tweezers work well when used with steady, upward pressure. If a rash or fever develops within several weeks of removing a tick, see medical attention. For more on preventing and removing ticks, go to

Swimming is a great way to get exercise and enjoy recreation, but safety is critical to prevent injuries and drowning. It is recommended that pool owners regularly check the chemical levels. Secure the pool so that kids don’t enter without supervision.

Burns with children using sparklers are common. Sparklers can burn as hot as 1800 degrees – monitor children when using them and keep them away from younger children. Have a water bucket for sparklers to cool in after use. Please supervise all children when using sparklers.