PAULDING – Paulding Village Council members heard updates on Emerald Acres, Garfield Extension culvert and details on a failed sewer pump during Monday night’s meeting.

Emerald Acres residents Matt and Karen Sunday were present at the meeting to ask for any updates regarding the ongoing drainage project.

New village administrator Dale Goebel said he was up to date on the Emerald Acres project. On Saturday, we received 0.6” of rain and Emerald Acres was checked for excessive standing water on Sunday and the following morning.

“There didn’t seem to be excessive standing water,” said Goebel.

Goebel explained that he has been out to Emerald Acres many times in the past few days to check on standing water and that the project will be continued to be worked on as weather permits.

“Come spring time you know we will try to jet that side when the guys get a chance and the weather gets fit; we haven’t forgotten it. They got me up to speed last week and I thank you for your concern and I will keep an eye on it,” explained Goebel.

Goebel went on to explain there are some places where ground restoration was not completed and on the east end near a catch basin there is now some erosion. He plans to speak to his team to see what they can do to keep it from washing away more during the winter.

Goebel said he felt that the village employees did a pretty good job in Emerald Acres and that he has been going through old pictures and paperwork in the office regarding the drainage project; with how the bad the ground is saturated, he felt it looked pretty good.

Councilman Randy Daeger said that he enjoyed Sunday’s Merry and Bright celebration and that they did a great job. Other council members joined in with stating they thought the event was great and everyone did a good job.

“Street supervisor Jason Vance and his crew did a good job keeping the water pumped down on the northwest corner of the square,” commented Goebel.

Daeger informed council that project to fix the culvert on Garfield Extended will be completed approximately October of next year. Finance Director Annette Hasch said the village received half of the necessary funding through a grant and the village will have to pay for the remainder of the project’s cost.

Hasch added the culvert project details will be received in January. The street has been closed for several months due to the condition of the culvert.

Goebel informed council that Emerald Road Pump Station #1 has a pump that failed on Nov. 11 and asked for council approval to replace the pump at a cost of $10,280, which includes the cost of installation.

After some research, Goebel found the pump is obsolete and parts cannot be bought. He said there is a total of three pumps and normally two pumps run at a time and the pumps need to be rotated.

He went on to explain that this pump was an original pump from 2007 when the pump station was installed. The pump was rebuilt 13 months ago with the warranty expiring at 12 months after the rebuild.

Of the two remaining pumps, one is original and one is brand new. Goebel said that once this failed pump is replaced, he would like to look at the budget for next year to replace the remaining original pump.

Council members unanimously approved the pump purchase.

Hasch requested two transfers of funds to be approved stating due to not getting the Phase III money in time and extra cost in the water treatment these transfers are needed due to a negative situation. Council members approved the following transfers:

• A transfer of $48,393.41 from the Income Tax Fund (#102) to the WW Sewer Separation Fund (#517). This transfer is to reimburse funds that have already been paid from the WW Sewer Separation Fund.

• A transfer of $30,000 from the General Fund (#101) to the Water Service Fund (#601).

Goebel provided council with the following updates:

• Glass for the cemetery mausoleum has been ordered from Van Wert Glass and should be ready for install approximately the middle of the month.

• Village health insurance premiums will be going up 11.9%.

• He has started gathering information and quotes for needed repairs on the village pool in order to have all repairs completed in time to open on time at the beginning of the season.

• Announced to council members that there will be an informational meeting Dec. 4 at 6 p.m. at the OSU Extension building for the proposed wind farm.

Mayor Reinhart presented the following reports to council:

• Mayor’s Court monthly statement for the month of November, with a total of $535 total collected.

• Paulding Police report, which contained the following information for November: 212 service requests, six traffic accidents, seven traffic citations written into Mayor’s Court, five parking tickets, 751 security checks, one referral to utilities, seven junk letters sent and one junk ordinance citation issued. During the month, $375 was collected for parking fines.

The following legislation was read for the second reading:

• Ordinance No. 1555-18 amending and increasing appropriations for current year expenses and other expenditures during the year ending Dec. 31, 2018.

• Ordinance No. 1556-18 to make permanent appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures during year ending Dec. 31, 2019.

• Ordinance No. 1557-18 establishing the rates to be charged water consumers for service supplied by the water department.

• Resolution No. 1338-18 authorizing the purchase of supplies for the year 2019.