PAULDING – The Paulding Village Council met in regular session on Tuesday, Jan. 22 where they heard concerns of water filters, snow removal and lime for farmers.

Mayor Greg Reinhart would like to remind all residents/businesses who have sidewalks that after any amount of snow accumulation, the resident/business is required to shovel the sidewalks within 24 hours.

The mayor and council members said that any vehicles parked on the snow routes will be towed in the future when the snow route is in effect. The snow routes go into effect at two inches of snowfall.

Matt and Karen Sunday were present to express their concerns regarding the Emerald Acres project, stating that they felt after the recent comment made by village administrator Dale Goebel, that the project was no longer important or needed.

Goebel stated during the Jan. 7 meeting that he was monitoring the water in Emerald Acres and didn’t feel that there was any more standing water in Emerald Acres than anywhere else in the village.

Goebel reassured the Sundays that the project is still important and will be worked on in the spring.

“I’ve read the promises and I’ve read the delays and I agree with you on being frustrated with that (regarding the delays in completing Nancy Street), but that was before me and I can’t do anything about that. I understand your frustration because there was a lot of things said that didn’t get done when they were said and I can’t do anything about that,” said Goebel.

“There still is a need and I wanted to let you know that,” replied Karen Sunday.

“You are not forgotten,” replied Goebel.

Matt Sunday also expressed the need for attention to the road at the reservoir.

Reinhart responded that the village made that road an official street in hopes of getting some funding to address the problems.

Goebel noted the street is on the agenda for the next street committee meeting.

Goebel said he is looking for any farmers who would be interested in applying the lime on their fields from the lime lagoon. Any farmer that is interested in lime for their fields is encouraged to contact the village office at 419-399-4011.

Councilman Greg White updated council on the utility committee meeting on Jan. 14 regarding the new garbage contract. The possibility was discussed of having a large dumpster pickup and recycling twice a year. White also said the committee asked Goebel to look into the schedule for pickup around the square.

White said they would like to conduct another meeting regarding water rates and how they are charged and billed for landlords who have tenants.

Councilwoman Barb Rife updated the council on the building and grounds committee meeting held on Jan. 14 where drainage problems in the cemetery, mowing contracts and signage was discussed.  

Rife went on to state that the utility building on main street needs some repairs and painting. She went on to explain that in addition to the maintenance on the utility building, the fire house has some structural damage on the tower.

Rife requested council approve the mowing contract with Solid Ground for two years in the amount of $44,144.16. This includes mowing, trimming, cleanup and herbicide treatment. Council approved this contract.

Goebel continued his report by informing council that the water treatment plant needs new filters. In order to redo the entire project, the cost is $118,000 and there is no funding. He explained that if you don’t replace the entire set of filters then the other filters tend to wear out faster.

“There are three ‘trains.’ One train was replaced last year and they would like to replace another train this year. They are not lasting as long as they said they would, but if we don’t do it, then the ones we replaced last year will fail a lot quicker,” Goebel said.

He said he would like to replace them in the summer and the lead time for the filters is 10-20 weeks. He said the filters are almost $1,700 a piece and there are 66 filters to a train.

Reinhart announced that the new EMS squad has arrived and was not yet in service as it was being outfitted with radios. It should be in service by the end of the week. He announced that he would like to start getting quotes for an additional patrol car.

Reinhart said that the wind transmission line hearing is scheduled for March 5 at 6 p.m. at the OSU Extension Building for the new transmission line.