PAULDING – Members of the Paulding Village Council kicked off the first meeting of 2019 by voting Randy Daeger as council president, reviewing Phase 3 of the sewer separation project and Emerald Acres and setting tours at the water treatment plant.

Councilwoman Barbara Rife asked members of council to approve the salary and allowance committee recommendation for a 2-3% increase for employees and $50 per month for EMS training.

In addition to approving Rife’s request, council approved the request from Finance Director Annette Hasch to have the mayor sign the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund Agreement – Phase #3 in the amount of $3,572,314.80.

“That loan will close on the 31st of this month and they (Jones and Henry) are saying by the second or third week of March they should be in here to fix ‘Lake Reinhart’ [standing water at the corner of the courthouse square of Jackson and Williams] and then start the rest,” village administrator Dale Goebel stated in reference to speaking with engineers Jones & Henry for phase three of the sewer separation project.

Goebel went on to inform council he has been monitoring Emerald Acres along with the rest of the village on the amount of standing water with the recent rainfall of almost an inch.

“I had the PD [police department] go out there [Emerald Acres] on New Year’s Day. There was some standing water but no more than any other place in town, and by the 2nd almost gone,” said Goebel.

Goebel was asked about pictures of standing water in the cemetery and if there are any solutions to help prevent damage caused by the water. Goebel stated that he would look into it and that standing water has been a problem.  

“There are headstones out there that need work. Bases that have sunk and some have tipped over. It is perpetual care and we do not have the funding,” said Goebel.

After some discussion among council members, it was decided to explore adding a levy to the ballot in November to cover repairs and upkeep for the cemetery.

Councilman David Burtch announced a downtown Paulding building owners’ meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Branch Christian Fellowship. The group will discuss an update on the registration for a historic downtown and to learn about AEP Ohio business Incentives Programs sponsored by CoRP.

Burtch also noted that starting at 11 a.m. Friday, Jan. 11, there will be a chili cookoff sponsored by Paulding Chamber of Commerce. Burtch encourages all council members to stop for lunch to help support the event.

Mayor Reinhart stated that he has met with representatives of Hawg’s Tavern, VFW, the Eagles and Fiesta Habanero’s regarding the outdoor drinking recreation area and stated that all four establishments are interested in pursuing having the area established.

Village solicitor Harvey Hyman will move on to the next step and stated these establishments will need to submit a joint letter asking for this area to be established.

Councilman David Burtch inquired if the chamber or anyone else running a festival downtown needed to be a part of that. Hyman believes they only need to have a temporary liquor license and will look into it for them.

In another matter, Hyman explained to council members that any time Mayor’s Court is in session, no conceal carry is permitted in the building. When Mayor’s Court is NOT in session, concealed carry is permitted as long as the individual has all the proper permits. He went on to explain council is in control so if it is going to be restricted they can do so.

The council meeting for Feb. 4 will be held at the water treatment plant located at 901 McDonald Pike. Tours of the water treatment plant will be held at 6 p.m. with the council meeting starting at 6:30 p.m. in conference room. Those attending the tour are asked to wear closed toe shoes.

Yearly Paulding Police Department report for 2018 consisted of the following:

• 3,003 service request

• 67 traffic accidents

• 42 traffic citations written into Mayor’s Court

• 7 traffic citations written into county court

• 2 traffic citations written into juvenile court

• 61 parking tickets

• 8,430 security checks

• 12 referrals to utilities

• 80 junk notice letters sent

• 6 junk ordinance citations issued

• $1,325 received for parking fines.

Paulding EMS yearly report stated there were 554 total calls for the year and 567 total patients.

The current roster for the Paulding EMS is as follows: 18 EMTs (15 active due to leave of absence and military leave), and four drivers for a total of 22 active.

Mayor’s Court yearly statement to council contained the following information: monies paid to State of Ohio Treasurer $1,602.50; monies paid to County Court (alcohol) $73.50; court cost $642; fines $2,510; computer $430; other $808.15 for a total amount collected of $6,066.15.

“Of that $6,066.15 how much does the village get to keep?” asked Burtch.

It was explained the village does not keep the monies paid to the state and to county court. It was also explained that the money collected from the fines is split 50/50 between the parks and police department.

“So a little over a third of it goes somewhere else,” said Mayor Reinhart.

Council members approved the 2019 council rules and a gold membership level in Paulding County Economic Development.

Upcoming meetings:

• Utility committee will meet Jan. 14 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss water bills, property owners and tenants and solid waste.

• Building and grounds will meet Jan. 14 following the utility committee to discuss the cemetery.

• Ordinance committee will meet Jan. 14 following the building and grounds committee meeting.

The next council meeting will be held on Jan. 22 instead of Jan. 21 due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.