PAULDING - The Paulding Village Council members met in regular session on Monday, Dec. 17. Mayor Greg Reinhart opened the meeting with a moment of silence for Jim Durre, who served Paulding and Paulding County for many years.

Councilman Tim Boss informed council that the safety committee met Dec. 13 and discussed moving the contract for Werlor, which will end at the end of May 2019, to the utility committee. Council members voted unanimously to approve the recommendation. The utility committee will review renewing the contract and quotes for trash pick up for the village.

Finance Director Annette Hasch was informed by Anthem that the employee health insurance premiums will increase 9% instead of the 11.9% that was reported by village administrator Dale Goebel during the Dec. 3 council meeting.

Goebel reported the glass for the mausoleum will be installed by Van Wert Glass on Dec. 18.

Reinhart requested permission to sign the engineering proposal from Access Engineering agreeing to pay the total cost of engineering fees in the amount of $18,000 for the Garfield Avenue Extension culvert replacement project. 

Hasch asked council to approve the cost for the 2019 pavement crack sealing program in the amount of $15,000, stating that the cost needed to be approved to lock in the 2018 pricing instead of the higher 2019 pricing.

Councilman David Burtch questioned the list of streets that were to receive the crack seal, stating that he thought Garfield Avenue was supposed to be on the list.

The list of streets to receive crack seal in 2019 are Kay Nora Avenue from Gasser Road to Garfield Extension, Greg Street, Buckeye Drive, Tom-Tim Drive, North Walnut Street from North Drive to Garfield Avenue, Dooley Drive from North Williams Street to Emerald Road, Maple Avenue and Royer Avenue.

“We can always add a little bit more if we need to. This just locks this in and I trust Jason’s (Vance) judgment out there; he knows what the worst is,” replied Goebel.

Council members passed Hasch’s request for the 2019 crack seal program.

Council approved Reinhart’s request to allow the police department to purchase an additional body camera and taser, stating it would allow all full-time officers access to these items while on duty.

Reinhart asked solicitor Harvey Hyman to research if the police department was required to write an accident report for private parking lots.

Councilman Dan Workman asked if the police department would be able to charge for the time to write the report or have a set fee to write the report. Reinhart requested the solicitor to research the matter and report back to council.

The following legislation was passed after a unanimous vote:

• Ordinance 1555-18 amending and increasing appropriations for current year expenses and other expenditures during the year ending Dec. 31, 2018.

• Ordinance 1556-18 to make permanent appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures for current expenses and other expenditures during year ending Dec. 31, 2019.

• Ordinance 1557-18 establishing the rates to be charged to water consumers for service supplied by the water department.

• Resolution 1338-18 authorizing the purchase of supplies for the year 2019.

Council suspended the rules and unanimously approved Resolution 1339-18 adopting the Paulding County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation plan.

Council approved the following request from the finance director:

• A transfer in the amount of $61,001.04 from the Income Tax Fund #102 to the General Fund #101.

• A transfer in the amount of $23,333.68 from Income Tax Fund #102 to the Capital Improvement Fund #507.

Paulding EMS report for the month of November included 41 total calls, 43 total patients, 554 total calls year to date and 567 total patients year to date.