OAKWOOD – One of the main topics discussed at the Oakwood Village Council meeting Monday night included the need for new EMTs.

The village currently only has nine. In past years there have been as many as 28. An entry level EMT needs to have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to stabilize and safely transport patients.

Mayor Brian Ripke would like to schedule an EMT training class for February.

“Realistically, if we could have 15 or 16 EMTs on hand, that would be great. If anyone is interested in becoming an EMT, they just need to contact the town hall at 419-594-3352 for more information,” he said.

The EMS department reported 26 runs in November, bringing the yearly total up to 234, and noted that runs get missed due to lack of personnel and Paulding EMS sometimes has to cover the area.

The fire department reported 57 total runs for the year so far, which surpasses last year. The tanker door repair/replacement was also discussed in detail.

The MARCS (Multi-Agency Radio Communications System) will be up and running by March 31, according to Paulding County 911 coordinator Matt McDougal. MARCS is a radio system that uses more towers and allows officers to get ahold of dispatch in “dead zone” areas.

The fire station is also in need of someone to come in and clean once every two weeks. Council approved seeking a person for this position.

“The fire department needs to stay looking nice,” stated Mayor Ripke. “I think when we leave the responsibility on the fire department and the EMS, it gets pushed to the wayside and doesn’t get done.”

Ordinance 18-13 to amend the annual appropriations was approved.

Resolutions 18-R-06 to transfer funds from General to Capital Projects Fund, and 18-R-07 to transfer funds from General to Police Fund were both approved.

Beau Leatherman moved that council go into executive session to discuss the hiring of a new employee.

Next meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan. 21.