This 4th day of March, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Roy Klopfenstein, Tony Zartman, Mark Holtsberry and Cindy Peters, Clerk.


Jessica Reinhart and Deb Guilford, superintendent Paulding County Board of DD, met with the commissioners along with some individuals participating in the early intervention program. The participants explained some of the services that they were getting that were helpful, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech. Guilford was pleased to announce that March is Development Disability awareness month. The commissioners signed the proclamation proclaiming March as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in Paulding County.

The commissioners left to attend the Defiance/Paulding County Consolidated JFS meeting in Defiance County.


Whereas: Individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, friends, neighbors and co-workers encourage everyone to focus on the abilities of all people; and

Whereas: The most effective way to increase this awareness is through everyone’s active participation in community activities and the openness to learn and acknowledge each individual’s contribution; and

Whereas: Opportunities for citizens with developmental disabilities to function as independently and productively as possible must be fostered in our community; and

Whereas: We encourage all citizens to support opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities in our community that include full access to education, housing, employment, and recreational activities so that we all may enjoy the benefits in our society when our lives are shared living, learning, working and playing together;

Now, therefore, we, the Board of Commissioners of Paulding County, Ohio, do hereby proclaim March 2019 as Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month in Paulding County. We salute the individuals with developmental disabilities from Paulding County, including those who are served through the Paulding County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and we encourage the citizens of the county from this month forward to take the time to get to know individuals with developmental disabilities and what they have to offer.