This 27th day of November, 2017, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Roy Klopfenstein, Tony Zartman, Mark Holtsberry, and Nola Ginter, Clerk.


County Treasurer Lou Ann Wannemacher presented the Sales and Use Tax Report for November. Sales tax received was $158,457.17. Wannemacher also discussed the 2018 budget, specifically postage for tax bills through Smart Bill.

Raven Loaiza and Becca Peckinpaugh, Crime Victim Services, met with the commissioners to talk about the Paulding County Rape Crisis Expansion. The Rape Crisis Expansion and Anti-Trafficking Division of Crime Victim Services in Lima currently serves four counties for rape crisis work and have been selected to expand rape crisis services into five additional counties, which includes Paulding County. Loaiza has been assigned to nine counties for rape crisis work and 16 counties for human trafficking work. Peckinpaugh is doing an internship and is primarily working in Allen and Putnam counties. She is also assisting Loaiza with her duties. Loaiza reported they are making contacts to provide core services for the Paulding County Rape Crisis Expansion. Core services include 24-hour crisis hotline, advocacy, hospital/medical, criminal justice/legal, community awareness/outreach, crisis intervention, information and referral, and systems coordination/collaboration. She reported two nurses at the Paulding County Hospital have been trained to conduct medical rape exams. This service is provided at no charge to the victim through the attorney general’s office. Rape kits are sent to the BCI and it takes up to six weeks to process. Loaiza emphasized that during the six weeks, the victim has a support system working the case. The Van Wert YWCA provides services for rape victims 24/7. These services are funded through VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) through application. Loaiza expressed the importance of forming a SART (Sexual Assault Response Team) in Paulding County with members from various agencies, law enforcement, and medical personnel. Loaiza stressed the importance of awareness and education. She plans to advertise where permitted to make sure the public knows of the services offered.

Judge Michael Wehrkamp, Probate/Juvenile Court, met briefly with the commissioners to discuss the truancy/diversion officer budget.


Holtsberry moved to adopt the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby modify the 2017 Annual Appropriation and hereby directs the Paulding County Auditor to transfer funds; to-wit;

FROM: 001-003-00002/General Fund/County Treasurer/Supplies: $400

001-003-00006/General Fund/County Treasurer/Travel $66

001-003-00007/General Fund/County Treasurer/Advertising/Printing $300

001-003-00014/General Fund/County Treasurer/Bank Fees $579

TO: 001-003-00005/General Fund/County Treasurer/Contracts/Services AMOUNT: $1,345.