This 13th day of March, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Roy Klopfenstein, Mark Holtsberry and Cindy Peters, Clerk. Absent: Tony Zartman.


County Prosecutor Joe Burkard – The commissioners presented the CCAO Group Rating Agreement to Burkard for his approval.

The commissioners attended the Land Bank meeting in the conference room.

Sheriff Jason Landers presented his 2019 projections and monthly Jail report for the month ending Feb. 28. There were 74 male inmates serving 626 days and 20 female inmates serving 230 days in the month of February for a total of 856 days served. Total inmates held were 94. The average inmates held per day was 30.5 with 22.3 being male and 8.2 female. The average inmate stay per day was 11.5 with 8.4 being male and 11.5 female. Total meals served for the month of February totaled 2,338 meals. Sheriff Landers and the commissioners also discussed the IT needs at the sheriff’s office.

Jerry Zielke presented the PCED director report. LaFarge Holcim/One Energy Wind Project – construction has started on the wind turbine project at Lafarge by One Energy. He spoke with them today and plan on being completed by mid-summer. Uncle Fudd’s work is continuing on her new restaurant north of Grover Hill on Ohio 637. EDPR Timber Road IV Wind Farm – EDPR is developing and designing an additional wind turbine project east of Ohio 49 in Benton, Harrison, Paulding and Crane townships. Plan is for 125 MW farm with 31 turbines. Construction time line is now second quarter 2019 with completion by the end of 2019. They signed a power purchase agreement last week with Microsoft. Paulding County Land Bank work continues on acquiring properties and removing blighted houses and buildings within the county. Liberty Fuel Stop has been transferred from the state into the Paulding County Land Bank. A grant has been applied for to clean up the property. New American Reel in Antwerp is working on leasing additional space in the facility and is doing additional projects to the building. A builder is currently using an area of the building to construct small and large utility buildings. The Harvest Company in Paulding – Banks, investors, USDA and Jobs Ohio are working on new funding proposal for the project. Jobs Ohio is providing a $150,000 redevelopment and revitalization grant for the project. Loans package is just about complete looking at starting construction in the spring. Ryan has been meeting with local contractors to get things ready for construction. Paulding Industrial Park - Zielke is working for spec building for the CIC property. Zielke is meeting with two additional companies interested in possible building on the property in the future. Zielke is also working with attorney Matthew Miller on getting information for the west 9 acre CIC and Todd Schweller properties annexed to Paulding Village, so we can apply for EDA grant funding for water and sewer extension from Alex Products. Napoleon, Defiance and Western Railroad improvements continuing along all sections of the railroad. Zielke has been working with NSWR on a Tiger grant for additional funding for 2019. Workforce Development & Training – We have scheduled the 2019 Career Opportunity Showcase for high school students for Tuesday, April 2 at the OSU Extension Building. We our planning a school administrator and guidance counselor tour of local manufacturing businesses. Northwest State Community College is now using the SBIC conference room for training class for local employers. The first training went well. Zielke continues to search for additional funding opportunities for a number of local projects and continues to work on an EDA funding grant and USDA Rural Development grant as time allows. Paulding Downtown Revitalization group is moving forward with a possible historical districts and community reinvestment area for downtown Paulding. The pre-application for the downtown district has been approved to the Ohio Historical Connection. Zielke noted that work continues on the upstairs for the innovation center.

Dan Foust, SWCD, presented preliminary ditch reports for the Melody Acres and the John Russell ditches that the SWCD boards have signed off on. The commissioners passed a resolution to approve the ditch assessments for the Melody Acres Ditch. (See resolution below.) Advertisement will follow. The commissioners will need to pass a resolution for the construction of the John Russell Ditch and to place on maintenance after it has been constructed to Soil & Water specifications. Maintenance assessment only collection likely in 2020. Foust also questioned staff members using personal vehicles for county work and liability in doing so. The commissioners will discuss further with the county prosecutor.

County Auditor Claudia Fickel presented reports for the commissioners to review and sign off on based on the state auditor’s request. Sales tax isn’t in yet for the month. Receipts are up by 1.6%; Expenses are up 11.8%. General Fund balance $2,232,000 the end of February. Included is the auditor/treasurer report that balances each other. Budget vs. Actual report for General Fund only. Total appropriations and year to date expenses. Settlements are done; windfarms are done. Collected more than 500 AG District Forms; with more coming. Conservation - AG valuation will go down and the soil rates will go down for next year.


WHEREAS, the Melody Acres Ditch Drainage Improvement Project was petitioned through the Paulding County Soil and Water Conservation District; and

WHEREAS, Daniel Foust of the Paulding County Soil and Water Conservation District presented the ditch assessments to the landowners for the Melody Acres Ditch Improvement Project; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners of Paulding does hereby approve the ditch assessments to the landowners for the Melody Acres Ditch Improvement Project as prepared and presented by the Paulding County Soil and Water Conservation District, a copy of same provided to the Paulding County Auditor.