This 8th day of April, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Roy Klopfenstein, Tony Zartman, Mark Holtsberry and Cindy Peters, Clerk.


Marsha Yeutter, senior center director, met with the commissioners to update them on the hiring and training of new staff drivers. She also presented the senior center’s payroll and Title III B and Title III C for nutrition and transportation grants for signature.

County Auditor Claudia Fickel – Klopfenstein opened the meeting sharing with Fickel that there will not be an increase in her budget at this time. Holtsberry noted that he would like to revisit this conversation while Zartman informed Fickel about previous conversations about budget issues. I understand that you feel you desperately need help, but I think that there are ways to work together. Fickel pointed out that one of you said that it was my request for funding that position; you thought I was going to pick up the cost of that position. Klopfenstein noted that we talked about the cost savings. Fickel added that there would be somewhat of a savings and that will go toward that new person. Obviously that position was okay. How can you not give me funding for a position that we’ve already discussed? Klopfenstein expressed that the savings of the lower pay scale would go towards the part-time person. I don’t remember an additional amount going toward that. Zartman commented that I think you’ve hired individuals who are familiar with accounting practices. Fickel added that getting to know the funds and the flow of paperwork take time. Our payroll has increased tremendously, vouchers and workload has increased. Klopfenstein noted that he will look at the budget again in July. Zartman added following up with how the budget is looking at that time is a necessity. Fickel added that she doesn’t understand why you gave a non-mandated office a full year. Klopfenstein informed Fickel that I don’t want to lose matching funds with agriculture and with the potential issues with our septic systems. I think that could potentially affect a lot homeowners in our county. I supported SWCD so that they did not lose matching funds. Zartman reiterated that the cost savings that you would save would help fund the part-time position. Fickel remains firm that she still needs to retain additional staff in her office.

Michael Schweinsberg; Nicole Six, OSU relationship manager; Bill Phillips, OSU office of the chief information officer; Bruce Clevenger; Ed Phillips; Phillip Jackson, IT manager for Paulding County – Phillips began the discussions about the Ohio State University Network. He commented that we know we have strong relationships with the county commissioners and in some cases there is a lot of money that exchanges hands. How can OSU better partner with the county as we look to move forward? Our end game is we’re trying to develop this common platform moving forward. Is there anything we’re doing today that is causing issues? We’ve untethered everything. We’ll go completely wireless with very few wired connections. We are going to IP based technology. We are going to Skype statewide and we use a lot of zoom. My job is to find out what’s working and what’s not working. How can we collaborate and share bigger expenses within the state? We can partner and save money for you and for us. We have whole teams that are going statewide. We bring the State of Ohio to the table. My role is to work with the State. We want to come out with ways that we can leverage. Ideally for OSU, we would create a separate network. The next step is for us to take a look at the network. Jackson informed the group that the OSU Extension in Paulding County is a separate network. Fiber is currently not out on Fairground Drive. They currently have 25x5 network, so it effects only them. OSU Extension is using Paulding County ISP (Metalink). Jackson noted that we are getting a much better deal with Spectrum. Phillips explained that we prefer to get to round out our Internet connections in Columbus. If we have the correct bandwidth, we can go to OSU or the State of Ohio. This is what we want, we can make this happen. Jackson informed the group that his goal is to get fiber to everybody. Phillips commented that our long-term plan would be go to Skype. Is there anything that we can do to raise the level of service? Phillips and Jackson will be in contact with one another to further discuss.

Tony Windsor and Sharrisa Beatty met with the commissioners to discuss a shared driveway between her and her neighbors’ property and whether the drive is considered a county or township road, i.e. Road 282. Beatty noted that the drive is the only access point for us to our property located in Carryall Township. Windsor informed the commissioners that the tax map office doesn’t actually have a record for Road 282. The road has a public record on it, but it’s not being maintained.


WHEREAS, House Bill 291 was signed into law on December 20, 2018 and became effective March 20, 2019; said law authorizes the use of an “employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy” instead of individual surety bonds for officers, employees, and appointees who are otherwise required by law to give bond before entering upon the discharge of duties; and

WHEREAS, in accordance with Ohio Revised Code §3.061, the Board of Commissioners must adopt a policy by resolution to allow use of an employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty coverage document rather than a surety bond to cover loss by fraudulent or dishonest actions of employees and failure of employees to faithfully perform duties; the following shall apply to the policy:

(1) An officer, employee, or appointee shall be considered qualified to hold the office or employment, without giving bond, on the date the oath of office is taken, certified, and filed as required by law.

(2) Officer, employee, or appointee shall be entitled to enter upon the duties of the office or employment when the policy is in effect.

(3) All officers, employees, or appointees who would otherwise be required to file a bond before commencing the discharge of duties shall be covered by and are subject to the employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy instead of a surety bond requirement.

(4) The coverage amount for an officer, employee, or appointee under an employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy shall be equal to or greater than the maximum amount of the bond otherwise required by law.

(5) Elected officials, prior to taking the oath of office and holding office, shall obtain approval of the intent to use the county’s CORSA coverage agreement and affirm that the county’s coverage complies with ORC §3.061. Said approval shall be obtained by the Board of Commissioners of Paulding County.

WHEREAS, Paulding County’s “employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy” through the CORSA coverage document complies with ORC §3.061; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Commissioners of Paulding County, Ohio hereby authorize the use of the county’s “employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy” instead of individual surety bonds for officers, employees, and appointees who are otherwise required by law to give bond before entering upon the discharge of duties.


WHEREAS, every child deserves to grow and learn in a safe and loving home; and

WHEREAS, last year alone, more than 19,000 confirmed reports of child abuse and/or neglect were recorded in Ohio, equating to approximately one report every 27 minutes; and

WHEREAS, the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund has launched the #EverydayOhioHereos campaign to encourage individuals to reflect on the number of children that are abuse/neglected every date in our own community and how we can be heroes in the eyes of a child-one simple act of encouragement at a time; and

WHEREAS, child abuse and neglect are a community problem that depend on involvement among all people throughout the community; and

WHEREAS, Ohio recognizes the heroes in parents, family members, educators, social service professionals, CASA volunteers, public officials and faith-based organizations who share the responsibility to protect our youth and to ensure that children are safe and can grow up without fears of abuse and neglect, to realize their full potential; and

WHEREAS, Ohio now calls on all Ohioans to be Everyday Heroes in preventing child abuse and neglect through simple acts; and

WHEREAS, through strengthening families and communities, Ohioans are making positive differences in the lives of our children that will ultimately result in a brighter future for our state.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, we the Board of Commissioners of Paulding County, Ohio declare April as CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION MONTH.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to amend the 2019 Annual Appropriation by appropriating the following in the CCCP Fund (Fund 054), to-wit; CCCP/Computer Fund AMOUNT: $50,000.