This 22nd day of April, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners met in regular session with the following members present: Roy Klopfenstein, Tony Zartman, Mark Holtsberry and Cindy Peters, Clerk.


Ed Bohn, EMA director – The commissioners discussed the EMA budget with Bohn along with use of the training facility. There are several things that need finished at the training facility, including security lights, tracks on the second and third floors and racks for the pallets need to be made. The commissioners and Bohn also briefly discussed utilizing the PARC Lane building gymnasium for EMA needs.

CIC#2 Note Award Signing – The general fund obligation note was awarded to the State Bank and paperwork was signed for the CIC#2 in the amount of $26,000. (See resolution below.)

Michael Schweinsberg, 4-H Youth Development and Sarah Noggle, OSU Extension, presented the Ohio State University 2019 first quarter report for Paulding County.

Erica Lee, SNAP Ed program manager; SNAP-Ed, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program education in Paulding County, offered classes to participants of all ages, during January through March 2019. Recipients of SNAP-Ed learned how to use MyPlate, the USDA food guide, how to make healthy food choices within a limited budget, food safety, how to store and handle food so it is safe for consumption, how to select, prepare and incorporate fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and lean proteins into a healthy diet, and how to choose physically active lifestyles consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Partner agencies included United Way of Paulding County, Caring and Sharing Food Pantry, WIC, NOCAC Head Start of Paulding County, Ann’s Bright Beginnings Preschool, Paulding County Senior Center, Oakwood Elementary School, Paulding Elementary School Preschool, Paulding County Health Department, and The Antwerp United Methodist Church. SNAP-Ed programming in the schools continued at the Paulding County Head Start, Ann’s Bright Beginnings Preschool, Oakwood Elementary School, and Paulding Elementary School. Biweekly programs were delivered to youth participants in preschool, kindergarten and first grades. Throughout this quarter, lessons were taught from Color Me Healthy, Eat Play Grow, and Discover MyPlate, all researched-based curricula. Students learned about healthy eating using MyPlate guidelines, staying physically active, and importance of making healthy food choices. Students were able to participate in food tastings of different fruits and vegetables each month. This encouraged the students to eat more colors/variety of fruits and vegetables from MyPlate. SNAP-Ed lesson series continued to be delivered to participants at the Paulding County WIC office and the Paulding County Senior Center. Topics of discussion were on MyPlate, importance of whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins, and eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. The OSU Extension’s NOURISH curriculum was used to deliver these lessons. A new SNAP-Ed Cooking Matters series started in March at the Antwerp United Methodist Church, with partnership with the United Way. This six-week series will teach participants to prepare delicious, new recipes, learn food budgeting tips, food safety, and how to get family excited about healthy eating. The program will continue into the next month of April as well.

Schweinsberg - As the 4-H educator, I continue to participate in monthly meetings with both the Jr. and Sr. fair boards to ensure that information from the Extension Office is passed on to other entities as needed, requested, and allowed per OSU Extension policy. Additionally, I attend monthly 4-H Camp Palmer Board meetings to ensure our county has a voice in the future of 4-H Camp Palmer. 4-H Youth Development; Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, I held an all-day training for Paulding County 4-H Camp counselors. Counselors worked together to plan the theme for the 2019 Paulding County 4-H Camp as well as received mandatory training that all camp counselors need in order to be certified 4-H Camp Counselors in Ohio. Monthly trainings have also taken place that focus on training topics that will enable our older 4-H youth to properly care for the youth who attend 4-H Camp this summer. 4-H Camp will take place July 9-13 at 4-H Camp Palmer near Harrison Lake in Fayette. I presented at the Maumee Valley EERA Regional Advisor Training with Teresa Johnson, Defiance County 4-H educator, on Conducting 4-H Meetings with Ease. Focus was on planning 4-H meetings in less time with better results. Additionally, I presented at the Camp Palmer Counselor Training Day to over 200 camp counselors with Johnson on “Professionalism.” Counselors were given ways to become a more professional camp counselor in regards to planning, implementing and interacting with both youth and parents. I have completed ChickQuest in Antwerp, Paulding, Payne and Divine Mercy third grade classrooms. This 4-H program focuses on Chicken Embryology and the life cycle of a chicken. Youth are also given the chance to explore chicken egg parts during this hands-on program.

I continue to publish the Paulding County 4-H Newsletter titled Clover Connection. The format of this publication has been updated and is now in a blog format that is e-mailed weekly to all subscribers, which includes all parents, youth, and volunteers participating in 4-H in Paulding County. We also have subscribers from the community who have wished to keep informed of 4-H news in Paulding County. To visit the blog site and subscribe to weekly updates, visit I have been in Wayne Trace Junior High discussing information regarding the opioid crisis. The 4-H educator has utilized the Generation Rx curriculum developed by The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy and Cardinal Health. This program focuses on prescription drug misuse. I recently completed STEM programming with the Christian Home Educators of Paulding County (CHEPC). This year-long programming reached more than 20 youth and focused on a variety of topics. Plans are being worked on to continue this program in the future. I developed and conducted two Quality Assurance Programs for 4-H and FFA youth as well as their parents/guardians. The Quality Assurance program is designed to teach youth about the 10 Good Production Practices (GPPs) and involve interactive activities that reinforce at least three GPPs each year. Exhibitors must understand that they are responsible for the health and well-being of their livestock, even if someone else is caring for the animal at various points in time. The youth completing this program also learn their importance as producers and ensuring that their animal enters the food chain as a quality product. I continue to work with McKayla Jackson in the Paulding Middle School teaching the Game of Life to seventh grade students. This class focuses on financial literacy and career development. To date, more than 100 youth have participated in this class. Due to schedule conflicts next year, this class is not being offered but is expected to be added to the class list for the 2020-21 school year. I continue to work with the Citizens of Paulding for Recovery and Prevention (CPR). This coalition has tasked ourselves with finding effective ways to meet the needs of Paulding County citizens in the areas of drug prevention and recovery. I have been tasked with being the head of the youth committee which focuses on prevention efforts. This group continues to meet every other month to share successes and work on expanding the programs offered. In the first three months of 2019 I have attended a two-day training on the Prosper Delivery Model as well as a three-day training on a program titled “Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth Ages 10-14 (SFP 10-14).” Three volunteers from Paulding County also made the trip to Columbus to receive training. The volunteers are Mikayla Pieper, Tiffany Goings-Dargensen and Melinda Wenzlick. The training, which is part of a grant received in Paulding County, will allow Mikayla, Tiffany, Melinda and myself to conduct SFP 10-14 in Paulding County. This seven-week program will offer a family meal, one hour of separate trainings for parents and youth, and a final hour which will bring the families together to work on projects. The group is excited for the opportunity to start this program in Paulding County and look forward to expanding the program soon in order to reach more families. I was selected to complete a program through The Ohio State University titled “Digital Flagship Cohort.” This cohort allowed for exploration of innovative ways to utilize technology to meet the needs of youth. The cohort also explained how youth are not as digitally fluent as we may think they are. The information gained has already been put to use with training I have completed with teachers in Paulding County on the newest programs and software that is being utilized at the college level. By taking these ideas to the youth now, they should be better prepared for the technology demands when they are older.

Noggle - Agriculture & Natural Resources, Extension educator - Farmers know how to take care of their animal and crops, taking careful steps to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Unfortunately, farmers don’t take the same care in monitoring and managing their own mental and physical stress and fatigue. Stress becomes especially palpable when commodity prices are low and caring for their own health and wellness in this high-stress profession is as important as caring for your bottom line. Whether these stresses come from a financial issue or the stresses of everyday life. Noggle attended a conference and received training to be one of three educators in Ohio to assist with the Farm Stress area. Additionally, Noggle received her Mental Health First Aid Training to identify signs and symptoms of suicide, anxiety, depression and stress with all clientele. Master Gardener Volunteer meetings were held for January, February and March. Volunteers were updated on policy 1.50 and planned for the year. Volunteers are developing additional education programs for community or in school programming. Paulding County has 12 trained Master Gardener Volunteers in 2019 and a class planned for April 2019. A three-session Farm Grain Marketing Management series began in January. Seven participants attended the sessions. Topics included access to marketing introduction, risk management in grain marketing, developing a grain marketing strategy, cash rental trends, cash rental agreement legalities, farm crop budget basics, LLCs, farm financial stress, and adding the family living expense into your farm budget, Additionally, attendees in all three sessions felt that by attending these sessions, valued the sessions at $25- $50/acre annually on various fees associated with grain marketing strategies. Noggle assisted with education of the pros and cons of the Agricultural District in Ohio counties. An agricultural district provides protection against nuisance suits over farm operations, deferment of tax assessments on land to build sewer and water lines, and allows for additional review if land is taken by eminent domain for a public purpose. Additionally, Noggle assisted with education on the Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR) which was passed in city of Toledo on Feb. 26. Noggle and office associate Gorrell assisted over 250 farms with where to find information on the local Paulding County Auditor’s website to correctly fill out the Agricultural District Application. Noggle also created a video on filling out the Ag District Application which had over 1,000 views in February. Fifteen participants received information on an introductory class on beekeeping basics. Participants received information on hive establishment, budgets, starting a beekeeping business and diseases and pests that effect hives. This was a partner project with the newly established Black Swamp Beekeepers group in northwest Ohio. Received a grant to host an Extension Education intern over the summer. The intern will assist with research plots of my own as well as other State Specialist from Ohio who are conducting research in Paulding County and assist with the 4-H program in Paulding County. Paulding County will share the intern with Field Specialist for Nutrient Management for the State. The primary responsibilities of the intern will be to assist with crop scouting, sample collection, field data collection, laboratory analysis, data entry, field plot maintenance, crop reporting and 4-H judging, camp and skill-a-thon. Other activities related to research, extension and outreach are also likely, including administrative and clerical work. A new or veteran Cover Crops user roundtable was organized and taught by Noggle. Elevens participants attended in January, 14 attended in February and 12 participants attended in March. The growers traveled to the Conservation Tillage Conference in Ada in March. Participants learn information from seeding and establishment to termination of cover crops. Sessions in general were farmer-to-farmer advice with the addition of additional northwest Ohio information. Due to the demand of the group, the sessions will continue year round. Continued to work closely with the Fulton, Henry and Defiance county Extension educators as well as Laura Lindsey, State Specialist for Small Grains, on a Northwest Ohio Barley Working group focusing on research and additional education. The role of this group is for education of malting barley production. A total of 323 area farmers recertified their private pesticide and fertilizer applicators license by attending an OSU Extension training session where Noggle taught. In Paulding County 125 farmers hold a pesticide license and more than 175 have a fertilizer certificate. Applicators must obtain three hours of recertification for pesticide and 1 hour for fertilizer every three years. Participants dive deep into soil test results and make fertilizer applications that improve yields, protect profitability and are environmentally responsible. Additionally, they improved personal safety practices and improved weed identification, learned how to control insects, diseases or weeds more effectively. Evaluations indicate the most important thing learned was herbicide mode/site of action to avoid weed resistance to herbicides, and selecting the proper spray nozzle to apply the correct rate, droplet size and pattern of a pesticide. On average, each Paulding County private applicator applies pesticides on 724 acres, making the OSU Extension program reach 90,500 acres of cropland. Noggle assisted in the input, design and production of the NW Ohio Newsletter as well as served as the editor. The publication held over 175 events and was mailed to over 7,500 farmers, agribusinesses and government officials in northwest Ohio. The publication covers 19-county area. OSU Extension is providing an essential amenity to the local food service industry. Local food service managers of restaurants, delis, and convenience stores serving food must have a manager that has completed the Level 2 ServSafe training and successfully pass an exam. The Paulding County Health Department is referring food managers to OSU Extension to obtain training and taking the exam. Training is provided online and has 15 modules that educate and prepare the manager for the exam. The exam is administered locally at the OSU Extension office. ServSafe continues in 2019 with three food service managers scheduling training and exams with OSU Extension Paulding County. Additionally, recertification is beginning in 2019. Ohio has a rich history in providing technology and education to those who work in agriculture and the agricultural drainage area. The Overholt Drainage School and its predecessors, have been taught by Ohio State for over 50 years. The School is an intensive week-long program designed and taught to provide continuing education for land improvement contractors, soil and water conservation technicians, farmers, engineers, crop consultants, educators and others interested in advancing their knowledge of basic concepts, principles and skills related to the purpose, design, layout, construction and management of Soil and Water Conservation Systems. Paulding County was host to this international event over March 18-21. Over 50 speakers, attendees and supporting business were in attendance for the conference. Additionally, the group had the opportunity to tour Haviland Drainage a local company. Worked closely with a planning group of 17 people from The Nature Conservancy, OSU Extension, Soil and Water, NRCS and businesses on a summer conservation field day held jointly with Defiance, Henry, Putnam and Paulding counties. Continued to host January, February and March Northwest Ohio Livestock Producers (NWOLP) meetings. Producers received an optional two hours of Certified Livestock Manager training. eFields is a program at The Ohio State University dedicated to advancing production agriculture through the use of field-scale research. The 2018 eFields Report is a culmination of the research conducted over the past year on partner farms throughout Ohio. Current research is focused on precision nutrient management strategies and technologies to improve efficiency of fertilizer placement, enable on-farm evaluation, automate machine functionality, enhance placement of pesticides and seed, and to develop analytical tools for digital agriculture. Since the first report published in 2017, eFields has expanded from 39 on-farm research sites in 13 counties to 95 on-farm research sites covering 25 counties. The Paulding County Ag and Natural Resources Newsletter titled Across the Acres. The format of this publication has been updated and is now in a blog format that is e-mailed weekly to all subscribers, which includes all farmers, elected officials, parents, agribusinesses, community groups, youth, and volunteers participating in Master Gardeners, Agriculture or Natural Resources in Paulding County. We also have subscribers from the community who have wished to keep informed of Agriculture news in Paulding County. To visit the blog site and subscribe to weekly updates, visit Other teaching, meetings and speaking: Continued the monthly Master Gardener Coordinator conference calls. Work closely with economic development on developing the career fair aspect through the Ohio State University Extension tying youth and careers. Taught at Williams County Pesticide Recertification and Fertilizer Certification. Taught at Defiance County Pesticide Recertification and Fertilizer Certification. Attended the Midwest Cover Crop Council national meeting as Ohio’s representative in Springfield, Ill. Noggle serves as the Ohio representative to the board of directors. Assisted 11 Indiana farmers who farm in Ohio to receive their pesticide reciprocity. With reciprocity with the requirements for Ohio law, farmers know the record keeping difference that exist between the two states. Continued on the Soil Health Network signature program for the university. Noggle’s role is working closely with the research aspect, website management and youth aspect as well as cover crops and soil biology. Met with 14 different farmers/farms on the recordkeeping requirements for Senate Bill 150 and Senate Bill 1 through the ONMRK app set up. Continued additional weather reporting to the National Weather Service weekly. Continued monthly Ohio Agriculture Manager conference calls with other extension educators across the state on agribusiness and farm management topics. Noggle continued to report on the CORN network for the months of January, February and March for Paulding County crops, diseases, production practices, insect pressure and other general crop topics. Attended the January quarterly Paulding County Economic Development meeting as a member of the executive committee. Partnered with Ohio Department of Agriculture on offering two testing sessions for new fertilizer and pesticide applicators wanting to become certified in Ohio. Offered a pesticide crash course with 17 attendees for education on test preparation for the CORE and Category 1 Private Pesticide Test. Noggle was a moderator for the two-day Conservation Tillage Conference in Ada on March 5-6. Assisted with the development of the NW Ohio Small Farm Conference and Trade Show to be held at NW State Community College. Continued to lead the team of Ohio farmers, NRCS, SWCD and Extension staff in the update of the Midwest Cover Crops Tool selector for Ohio. Attended the Ag Crops team meeting in March in Columbus. During January, February and March, over 325 phone calls, emails, meetings and/or personal visits were made to the county agriculture/natural resources educator and staff. Examples of requested information: ONMRK recording keeping application, Current Agricultural Use Value (CAUV) Taxation, farmland rent and value, fertilizer certification, pesticide license recertification, crop and soil management, cover crops, malting barley production, educational information on the LEBOR, education information on Agricultural Districts and farm financial management.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby enter into a road agreement with EDP Renewables, a copy of which is on file at the Paulding County Engineer’s Office at 801 West Wayne Street, Paulding, OH.


This 22nd day of April, 2019, the Board of County Commissioners signed a general obligation note for $26,000 with the State Bank for the CIC #2. The note is for one year, with interest in the amount of $991.18 due on April 22, 2020.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to amend the 2019 Annual Appropriation by appropriating the following in the Ditch Maintenance Fund (Fund 013), to-wit;

013-001-00006/Ditch Maintenance/Equipment AMOUNT: $15,000.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby direct the County Auditor to amend the 2019 Annual Appropriation by appropriating the following in the Certificate of Title Fund (Fund 032), to-wit;

032-001-00008/Certificate of Title/Insurance AMOUNT: $10,000.


BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners does hereby enter into a contract with S4 Water Sales and Service LLC and the Village of Oakwood for the Village of Oakwood Water Improvement Filter Media Replacement (CDBG). A copy of which is on file at the Paulding County Commissioners’ Office located at 115 North Williams Street, Paulding, OH.