PAULDING – The Board of the Western Buckeye ESC met on April 21 for their regular meeting.

The following motions were approved: accept the treasurer’s report, bills and expenditures, with corrections, if applicable; approve the amended permanent appropriations by fund; approve the minutes from the March 17 regular meeting; accept the recommendation to suspend the contract of Cathy Bonifas, Speech Pathologist, effective the end of the 2020-2021 school year and approve the corrected salary scale placement of Alaina Backus into the Bachelor’s Degree column for the 2021-2022 school year.

Dock days were approved, also during the meeting, for the following employees: Alicia Beregszazi (one and half days); Kayla Metzger (five days); Katlyn Short (one day) and Chelsey Hartz (36 hours).

The motion to accept the resignation for the following employees was approved during the regular meeting: Carol William, retirement, Thomas Edison Preschool secretary; Jill Welch, Thomas Edison Preschool Director; Courtney Kirk, part-time speech pathologist and Brandon Amstutz, Case Manager, effective the end of this contract year.

The motion to approve the employment for the listed employees was also approved:

One year contracts: Marilyn Agler, paraprofessional; Alaina Backus, DPS Teacher; Angela Crosby, paraprofessional; Tracy Kantner, paraprofessional; Angela Klopfenstein, gifted teacher; Lindsey Motycka, PS teacher; Kasey Osborn, LPN Aide; Karla Treece, school psychologist; Samuel Williamson, Distance Learning Coach

Two year contracts: Larry Altenburger, assistant director, SLC; Noah Altenburger, safety resource officer; Zelma Nicole Beouger, teacher aide; Linda Clay, teacher aide; Samantha Dohoney, paraprofessional; Kara Eicher, teacher aide; Jennifer Grant, teacher aide; Chelsey Hartz, teacher aide; Lynn Horstman, paraprofessional; Natasha Hunnicutt; health coordinator; Tony Langhals, SLC Director; Tina LaTurner, health coordinator; Rita Licardie, ESL Aide; Sherri Lockhart, teacher aide; Kylie Mills, paraprofessional; Kimberly Owens, teacher aide; Charie Peters, secretary; Brittany Rieman, paraprofessional; Joe Shouse, paraprofessional; Stacy Thomas, paraprofessional; Haley Walker, paraprofessional; Brittany Winhover, paraprofessional and Brenda Zern, paraprofessional

Three year contracts: Terri Bendele, OTA; Kristina Figgins, OTA; Nick Leeth, case manager; Sabrina Roth, health coordinator; Ashley Shepherd, gifted coordinator and gifted teacher.

Four year contracts: Heather Frey, speech pathologist; Jenna Sherry, physical therapist and Kate Wenninger, speech pathologist

Five year contracts: Rosanah Foster, intervention specialist; Brenda Recker, gifted teacher

Continuing contract: Keith Rydell, teacher

Supplemental contracts: Stephanie Cox, mentor - 21st Century Summer Camp; Michelle Davis, Help Me Grow service coordinator; Donna Matson, mentor - 21st Century summer; Rebecca Mayer, Help Me Grow Service Coordinator; Mark Stuck, mentor 21st Century Summer Camp; Thomas Taylor, 10-day extended time.

Lastly, the motions to approve the Governing Board utilizing virtual board meeting on an as-needed basis through July1; approve the non-renewal of all supplemental contracts effective the end of the 2020-2021 contract year and to approve the current sub list with the changes and additions for the current school year.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 19 at the Van Wert West Buckeye Educational Service Center office.