ANTWERP – The Antwerp Village Council approved an ordinance on the morning of April 10 having to deal with the village sewer rates.

The village is working with the Maumee Valley Planning Organization to prepare a $134,169 grant application that will be the last step of financing for the sanitary sewer project that is to be completed during the summer months.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $660,846.

The financing, though, that is in place, is a grant from the Ohio Works Public Commission (OPWC) totaling $199,999, an EPA loan totaling $295,846 and a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) totaling $134,169.

The annual repayment agreement would be $16,315.60 for 20 years, but without the CDBG grant, the EAP loan total would increase to $460,846 and it would require an annual repayment of $23,042.60 for 20 years.

This CDBG grant requires that the village’s combined water and sewer rates average out to $68 per resident a month, which is the state median for the water and sewer rate.

Currently, the village’s combined water and sewer rates are $59.91 per resident a month.

Council unanimously suspended the rules and adopted Ordinance 2017-12 to increase minimum charges for sewer srevices.

With the passing of this ordinance, the sewer rates will increase with the minimum charge increasing by $4 a month for 690 customers starting on Jan. 1, 2018 and then another increase of $4.40 per month starting on Jan. 1, 2019.

Village administrator Sara Keeran said that the increase in minimum charges will bring in more than the annual loan payment of $16,315.60.

“The village is only carrying approximately a $35,000 surplus in the sewer revenue line,” she said.

The village will be spending more for the chlorination and de-chlorination of the sewer lagoons and they will also be adding phosphorus reducing chemicals after the project is finished.

“The village needs to build the sewer revenue fund for these expenses and also for any unanticipated expenses and projects that will arise with a 40-year-old plant,” Keeran said.

The ordinance in regard to prohibiting medical marijuana cultivators, processors and retail dispensaries in the village was tabled to be talked about at a later date.

In other action, council:

• Said the sale of the Oswalt Street lots are currently being advertised.

• Sent the resolution on central municipal income tax collection to local and state representatives and the Ohio Municipal League representative.

• Heard the second reading of Ordinance 2017-04, to place a renewal levy on the general election ballot for fire protection and emergency medial services.

• Noted that a water project will be let for bids in June, with money received July 1.

• Noted that the compost site is officially open.

• Heard the second reading of Ordinance 2017-08, which would allow inspection of golf carts and other under-speed vehicles by the police department.

• Heard the police department had 83 calls for service for the month of March.

• Heard the EMS had 35 runs in March.