Progress Staff Writer

PAULDING – The Paulding County Sheriff’s Office is excited to have new equipment for identifying possible drug substances.

The new machine was purchased in collaboration with the prosecutor’s office and the county commissioners.

The TacticID-N is a portable substance scanner that can identify unknown substances that are suspected drugs. This machine delivers fast and accurate identification of narcotics, controlled substances, pharmaceutical, cutting agents and more, according to Sheriff Jason Landers.

The scanner database has over 1,000 different substances and can identify low dose samples at trace level.

The machine works in a matter of seconds and displays clearly on the screen what the substance is. It also alerts officers to the danger level of the substance.

It can identify mixed samples as well, Landers said. Since most drugs found on the street are not pure, the machine is able to identify what compounds make up the sample.

The machine will work on liquids and powders. It also can scan through containers holding the sample. This eliminates the need for officers to come in direct contact with the substance.

“We are truly blessed in Paulding County law enforcement that we were able to collaborate with three entities to secure this new technology,” Landers said.

“My hope is we can eliminate exposure to these dangerous and sometimes deadly substances that we come across throughout the course of our job.”