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When he walked into the Genesis House for our interview he was wearing his signature hat, custom made by Daisy May Hat Company (from Nashville) and his #prayfornashville t-shirt. Once I introduced myself I was greeted with his bright blue eyes and a grin.

Lofton Brown, of Antwerp, is raising money for those affected by devastating damages that were left in the wake of the horrific tornado on March 3.

He heard the news the next day of the horrific damage the tornado caused. His immediate response was to get down to Nashville immediately.

This six year old boy would not leave the subject alone. He kept asking his mom, Lorianne, “what can I do? What are we going to do?”

His inspiration to help came from the mission group at his church, Next Step Storm, and a bake sale he held last summer.

Mom went to task immediately. She posted the bake sale on Facebook and purchased ingredients for the bake sale. When she posted the bake sale on Facebook it gave her the option to create a fundraiser. She thought that it would be perfect way for her out of state family to participate and contribute.

Immediately upon posting the fundraiser the pledges starting rolling in. She told Lofton “if you can double the $50 I spent for ingredients I will be happy,” within five minutes that amount was already raised.

Lofton is determined to help the victims of the tornado. He is passionate about helping the people of Nashville because it’s a place he loves.

His dad travels there frequently for work and often Lofton, Lorianne and the little brother, Benson, come along. He gets to visit his friend each time he goes.

The bake sale was on March 6 & 7 at Genesis House in Antwerp. His eyes grew wide with excitement when I asked if there were a lot of people for it. He pointed to each part of the coffee house. “There were people in here... in here.... AND over there!” he exclaimed.

On Friday they sold half of the bake sale items. By Saturday there were none left. He raised a grand total of $9,000.

He is a living testament to when you follow a strong conviction, great things can happen. Lorianne stated, “it was his idea, but this didn’t happen because of him; it happened because of the community - we are in it together.”

Both of his parents are incredibly proud of him. His mom said, “It has always been our hope that he would use his gifts in His Great Glory.” It is evident that he is doing that very thing.

Lofton has decided to send the proceeds to the Restaurant and Bar Bureau to help several of the restaurants and bars and their employees. He and mom decided on that organization after they discovered a Go Fund Me established for them.

I asked Lofton if there was anything else he wanted to tell me. He looked at me, flashed a big smile and said, “yes, THANK YOU to everyone.”