Progress Editor

Carol Blodgett, a Paulding County resident, found a creative and unique way to honor local veterans and put her personal touch in Rep. Bob Latta’s Washington D.C. office.

Blodgett dot painted a picture of an American flag. She designed the painting based off of a bargello pattern used for quilting. According to her the project took, “approximately 35 hours to complete.”

She and her daughter, Carmen Hale, displayed the piece at several arts and craft shows in the fall of 2019. At each show a blank poster was left out and viewers were encouraged to sign to show support for veterans. Blodgett estimates that 1,000 people signed the poster boards.

Hale is veteran. She served in the United States Navy for five years as active duty and then dedicated 17 years in the Reserves. She retired as Lieutenant in the Navy. Hale, as well as other family members, dutifully served our country.

Finding a way to honor Blodgett’s veteran family members as well as the others in the nation was the motivation and inspiration to create the beautiful artwork.

Since the initial art and craft show display, Blodgett has received several suggestions about donating the artwork, but she was determined to have it hanging on a wall in Washington D.C.

On Oct. 29 her dream was achieved. She presented her painting to Rep. Bob Latta (R- 5th Ohio District) and also showed him the poster boards filled with signatures. “It is with much pride that I present this dot art print to Congressman Bob Latta,” she stated.

Her hard work and dedication to serving a purpose is a true testament of her respect and admiration for not only her daughter, but the veterans of this country.

It is because of citizens like her veterans are reminded that they are appreciated and respected and that their time served in the military was worth every moment.

Prior to presenting, the painting to Rep. Latta Don and Perry’s graciously displayed it and the poster boards filled with signatures. Displaying the artwork gives testament to the respect Don and Perry’s have for the veterans as well.

Blodgett’s hard work will not go unnoticed and now there will be a piece of Paulding in Washington D.C.