Photo credit/Priscilla Kadolph, Editor, The Paulding Progress Pictured in front of Keepsake Beads by EAW Boutique are members of the Paulding Chamber of Commerce, Paulding Village Mayor Greg White and Elecia Wobler, and family. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to kick off the grand opening.

PAULDING – Recently, the grand opening of Keepsake Beads by EAW Boutique was commemorated with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Paulding Chamber of Commerce members in attendance as well as Paulding Village Mayor Greg White.

Elecia Wobler, owner, was filled with happiness as her dream finally became a reality. Since 2012 she has been making the keepsake jewelry out of her home. Now, not only does she have a store with a welcoming ambiance to do consultations, but also a place to offer clothing, jewelry, hand bags and more.

Wobler was inspired to create keepsake beads from her own experience with them. She was gifted a keepsake beaded bracelet from her husband, Brandon Wobler, after her mother passed. During a time that she experience immense grief, the bracelet brought an incredible amount of peace as she felt as though her mother was close.

“Being able to have a piece of jewelry gave me an overwhelming heart warming feeling.”

She spoke about how her work gives her a incredible feeling of closeness to her mom; as though she is watching over her. “[This] wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have the heartache; it’s my way of grieving.”

Unfortunately, the beads were ruined after getting wet. Wobler states that she knew there was a better way to preserve the flowers and create a bead that lasted. She set to task and learned the perfect way to accomplish her goal. She now creates a product that not only stands by, but also guarantees.

The keepsake beads are made by using flowers, hair, plants, clothing, confetti and cremains (the remains from the cremation process). At the boutique she is capable of storing flowers on hand for life. Wobler works with ten different funeral homes in a 30 mile radius, as well. She is confidently preserves these items to ensure that the feeling of a loved one being close remains.

She stated, “I opened the storefront to meet more people and change people’s lives.” She knew there was only a certain amount of people she could reach continuing to work from home.

The clothes that she has in the boutique are, “higher end- [they are] set apart from any clothing store that had been in Paulding,” and she felt, “I could reach more communities with unique pieces.”

As she continues to make the keepsake beads she is working on purchasing an etcher so that she can create charms and finger print jewelry.

The store is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and on Saturdays 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. For consultations for bead creation please contact Wobler on the boutique’s Facebook page, visit the website or call 419-263-8523.