This building on East Perry Street in downtown Paulding is being completely remodeled. Jennifer Dempsey/Paulding County Progress
This building on East Perry Street in downtown Paulding is being completely remodeled. Jennifer Dempsey/Paulding County Progress

Progress Staff Writer

PAULDING – Wonderful and exciting improvements are happening in downtown Paulding, according to CoRP (Community Revitalizing Paulding) members.

CoRP says downtown businesses have been hard at work and it is showing.

Dan Vogel purchased a new barber pole for display outside of his shop on the south side of the square. The old pole had seen better days and was in dire need of repair. The new pole is attractive and is sure to bring in new customers.

A notary sign also was updated on the east side of the square.

The Bargain Bin recently set up a storefront display on the west side of the square. They displayed various items for sale in their thrift shop. It was a wonderful looking display that drew a lot of attention for the Bargain Bin.

Also happening downtown recently was the opening of a new restaurant, the Paulding Pancake House. The addition of another restaurant on the square has been positive for the community. Not only are locals eating there, but a lot of out-of-town traffic has been noted.

Also opening up downtown is the new ceramics place on the north side of the square. E&R Ceramics participated in the Shop the Square event last December. The support was wonderful, so they decided to open up a retail store.

Over the past few months, downtown clean-up days have been held. In addition, many downtown businesses have taken the initiative to clean up around their buildings on their own.

The clean-up downtown effort has been contagious, according to CoRP. Usually, when one business does some sprucing up, other buildings close by follow suit. The movement has been spreading, making the downtown look great.

A new roof is being put on the former Stykemain building on the east side of the square. That building is currently owned by the Village of Paulding, which is using the garage section to store village trucks.

The other former Stykemain building across the street is being totally remodeled. The exterior of the building has been painted and new windows installed. The upstairs is being turned into a high-end apartment that will be available for rental shortly. The downstairs is being set up for another restaurant.

Anyone interested in helping to make downtown Paulding a better place is urged to attend a CoRP meeting. CoRP is an extension of the Friends of the Chamber group and meets the second Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. in the Paulding County Area Foundation building.

Volunteers and helpers are always needed and appreciated.

CoRP’s mission is to prevent the decay of downtown Paulding. All of its fundraisers are to draw crowds into the downtown area. It’s a great way to get people into the town to see what great businesses are already located there and the possibilities for the empty buildings in the business district.

For more information about CoRP, contact the Paulding Chamber office at 419-399-5215.