Vandalism at Herb Monroe Community Park included this broken light fixture. Carrie Onder/Paulding County Progress


PAULDING – The Paulding Village Council concluded the regular session of Monday night's council meeting adjourning into an executive session requested by solicitor Mike Jones, stating personal reasons.

It was during the executive session that Jones submitted his resignation effective April 28.

Jones, who has served as the village solicitor since 2006, stated that the reason for submitting his resignation is due to the position affecting his Medicare.

Peggy Emerson from the Paulding Chamber of Commerce reported that the Herb Monroe Community Park has damage to the park as a result of vandalism.

Emerson stated that the glass has been broken out of one of the lights next to the fireplace and the top has been knocked off one of the tables.

“There has been a lot of vandalism at LaFountain Park,” noted Councilman Randy Daeger.

Daeger urges anyone to call the police if they see any acts of vandalism. The Paulding Police number is 419-399-3311.

“Don’t be afraid to pick up your cell phone and call the police. They are right here in town and can be there in just a minute. If you see this going on, please get it reported. If they can catch them, it might deter someone.”

Resident Karen Sunday once again expressed her frustration to the council with the lack of progress with the drainage issues in Emerald Acres.

“You have to understand there are people who have to park in water, get out of their car and walk through water in order to get into their house. It has to be taken care of,” Sunday said.

Village administrator Robert Fisher informed Sunday that they would have already been out there however they had some sewer issues to attend to. After a short conversation between Sunday and Fisher Councilman Ryan Mapes asked Fisher to have a back-up plan in case something happens and he can’t dig.

Fisher went on to explain that when running jets in the catch basins, they hit something. He believes that it is either a blockage or could even possibly be a collapsed tile, and that he needs drier weather to dig.

“On Helen Street, we have a blockage 800 feet from the west catch basin, 230 feet from the center catch basin. Before we install any yard drains, we have to have clean drains,” Fisher said.

Mayor Greg Reinhart told Fisher to just start digging and not to wait until it dries out, stating that since it isn’t very deep, he should be able to complete the task while it is wet.

Michael Karafa and Joseph Hotz from Jones and Henry attended the council meeting to report on the drainage problems on the northwest corner of the courthouse square, at Williams and Jackson streets.

Karafa stated that in March 2013, the contractor cut through an existing 6-inch storm sewer to install a 15-inch sanitary sewer. The contractor replaced the 6-inch pipe.

Karafa stated that they came across a 6-inch pipe from a catch basin. The contractor had a choice to either replace the pipe or tunnel under it. The contractor went on to replace the pipe. They did, however, destroy a catch basin and had to replace it at their cost, stating that at that time the project was closed and they were unaware that there was an issue.

Karafa went on to state that if this is an issue of the contractor, even though the warranty time has expired, he feels the contractor will be willing to work with them on this issue.

Jones & Henry representatives provided answers to council questions about Phase III of the sewer separation project.

Council approved the administrator’s agenda allowing Fisher to enter into a agreement with Jones & Henry and allowing Fisher to sign the General Standard Engineering Service Agreement for Phase III of the CSO project.

Fisher informed the council that due to weather, the Williams Street tree planting project start date has been changed to April 12, weather pending.

Mapes reported that the recreation committee recommends council hire the following people for the pool this season:

• Renew the contract for Bruce Whitman as the park manager.

• Emily Austin as the pool manager.

• Elizabeth Hawley and Matthew Martinez to be hired as the co-assistant mangers.

Council approved the recommendation for these positions unanimously.

The pool will be operating the concessions with a Level 2 food license to help with the cost of personnel and licensing.

Maples also informed the council that LaFountain Park near the pool will be having work completed. This work includes repair to rotted wood, broken boards and adding mulch.

Mapes reported that the PCFA (Paulding County Fire Association) met March 29 to discuss the fire department purchasing a new 3,000-gallon tanker truck.

The estimated cost of this truck is $249,000 to $270,000. This cost would be a shared cost among all entities.

Mapes reported that due to funding, the association decided to table this request until the next meeting on Oct. 25 to allow time to determine possible financing options.

Councilwoman Barbara Rife informed Fisher that she has been approached by members of the community about the road to Reservoir Park.

Fisher said he is waiting to see what the total is for the Emerald Acres project so he knows what the roadwork budget will be. He went on to state that he is making a list of roads so that they know what needs to be done and can be prioritized.

Councilman Robert Boyd reported on progress of the salary and allowance committee work on updating the policy handbook.

Reinhart presented the EMS report for the month of March: 64 total calls, 130 year to date total calls, 64 total patients, 128 year to date total patients.

Paulding police report for the month of March: 220 service requests, 10 traffic accidents, three traffic citations written, 1,112 security checks completed and one referral to utilities.

Mayor’s Court monthly statement for March reports $671 total money collected. From that total, $141 was paid to State of Ohio Treasury, $6 paid to County Court for alcohol, $49 court costs, $311 in fines, $50 for computer fund and $114 for other items (accident reports, solicitors and golf cart licenses).

Finance Director Annette Hasch reported that she is looking into the trash contract and the bag tags.

A second reading was heard of Resolution No. 1320-17 to authorize the village to participate in the State of Ohio Natureworks Grant Program.