Auglaize Township

Alvin R. Brown to Michael R. Brown, Sec. 30, 1.200 acres. Exempt deed.

Brown Township

Carolyn K. Merritt to Victor E. Schlegel and Amy D. Schlegel, Lot 34, .182 acre; Lot 34, .158 acre. Fiduciary deeds.

James Todd Epling and Johnna Epling to Paula Ankney. Sec. 20, .233 acre; Sec. 20, .225 acre. Warranty deeds.

Robert F. Merriman to Michael B. Workman and Jennifer G. Workman, Sec. 32, 10.047 acres. Warranty deed.

Carryall Township

Kirk L. Hopkins and Karlann Lee Hopkins to Big Bucks Hunting Preserve, LLC, Sec. 1, 15 acres. Warranty deed.

Crane Township

Joshua M. Freese and Angela M. Freese to Richard A. Bennett and Rebecca S. Bennett, Sec. 4, 4.710 acres, Sec. 4, 1.090 acres. Warranty deeds.

Billie J. Cain to Kylie S. William and Brandi Bowers, Lot 7, .554 acre. Warranty deed.

Emerald Township

Secundio Martinez and Donna K. Martinez to Secundio Martinez and Donna K. Martinez, Sec. 30, .390 acre. Exempt deed.

Tayler N. Cummings, et al to Tayler N. Cummings, et al, Sec. 33, 62.788 acres. Warranty deed.

Tayler N. Cummings, et al to Jonathan E. Hanenkratt and Crystal A. Hanenkratt, Sec. 33, 3 acres. Warranty deed.

Jackson Township

Betty Critten to Earl N. Critten and Betty J. Critten, Sec. 27, 1 acre. Exempt deed.

Latty Township

Kareann Winters to Matthew A. Proctor and Aryn Jo Proctor, Sec. 23, 1.770 acres. Fiduciary deed.

Melrose Village

Terry Sherry, et al to Greg S. Sherry Village of Melrose Lot 112, .172 acre; Village of Melrose Lot 111, .172 acre. Quit claim.

Cecil Village

Ronald J. Matthews to Jamie Renee Matthews, Sec. 14, 4.720 acres. Exempt deed.

Payne Village

James B. Case and Marianne Case to Marianne Case, Village of Payne Lot 57, .134 acre. Exempt deed.

Paulding Village

Rolla H. Miller, Jr. and Lavera J. Miller to Ashley A. Gamble, Village of Paulding Lot 17, .275 acre. Warranty deed.

Board of Education of the Paulding Exempted Village School District to Robert P. Noneman and Gretchen A. Noneman, Village of Paulding Lot 9, .223 acre. Exempt deed.

Melinda S. Kauser to Brent Kauser, Village of Paulding Lot 59, 182 acre. Warranty deed.

David W. Jones and Dianne T. Jones to Libby Burkhar, Village of Paulding Lot 209, .100 acre; Village of Paulding Lot 224, .100 acre. Warranty deeds.