The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

Roger C. Eckart and Patricia L. Eckart to Zachariah L. Lawson; Sec. 19, 0.2548 acre; Sec. 14, 0.2583 acre; Sec. 14, 0.2583 acre. Warranty deeds.

Helen M. Wickerham LE to Vaun Lee Wickerham; Sec. 25, 5.54 acres; Sec. 25, 10 acres; Sec. 26, 2.38 acres. Exempt deeds.

Pershing Fohner Jr. and Wilma Marie Fohner to Jessica Yates, trustee; Sec. 33, 20.242 acres. Exempt deed.

Benton Township

Wayne E. Feasby, trustee to Wayne E. Feasby, trustee; Sec. 20, 79.929 acres. Easement exempt.

Brown Township

Pershing Fohner Jr. and Wilma Marie Fohner to Jessica Yates, trustee; Sec. 22, 5 acres; Sec. 23, 20 acres. Exempt deeds

Carryall Township

Chad McKeever and Michael Alan McKeever to Michael Alan McKeever; Sec. 22, 1.66 acres. Exempt deed.

Crane Township

Mark W. Hartman and Christine A. Hartman to David A. North and Nancy North; Sec. 19, 0.386 acres; Sec. 19, 0.386 acres; Sec. 19, 0.395 acre. Warranty deeds.

Emerald Township

Julia M. Smith and Sheila M. Yoh to James D. Florence; Sec. 11, 10 acres. Warranty deed.

Judith A. Varner et al. to True Green Investments LLC; Sec. 20, 119.5 acres. Sheriff deed.

Jackson Township

Sue Ann Free and Mark E. Vance to Mark E. Vance; Sec. 9, 60 acres. Quit claim.

Latty Township

Terry E. Ruble and Kay E. Ruble to Terry E. Ruble and Kay E. Ruble; Sec. 10, 40 acres. Exempt deed.

Mark Vance to Sue Ann Free; Sec. 24, 20 acres. Exempt deed.

Carl W. Mosier to Carl W. Mosier and Carolyn Mosier; Sec. 28, 40 acres. Exempt deed.

Washington Township

Thomas E. Ward and Mary K. Ward to Thomas E. Ward, trustee and Mary K. Ward, trustee; Sec. 25, 2 acres; Sec. 25, 38 acres; Sec. 25, 3.304 acres; Sec. 25, 3.203 acres; Sec. 25, 18.858 acres; Sec. 25, 3.241 acres; Sec. 25, 40.25 acres; Sec. 25, 8 acres; Sec. 25, 65.75 acres. Exempt deeds.

Douglas P. Weller and Bonnie S. Weller to Weller Country Farm LLC; Sec. 12, 63.427 acres. Exempt deed.

Oakwood Village

Konnor D. Owens to Michael T. Dotson; Lot 2, Keck Addition, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Averill L. Gottke to Nicholas R. Lawhorn; Lot 17, Cullen Addition. Executor deed.

Christopher R. Reinhart to T3 Properties LLC; Lot 14, Gasser Subdivision, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Deborah A. Atchley and Larry W. Atchley to Dawn N. Keeler; Lot #43, Noneman second addition, 0.0137 acre. Warranty deed.