Auglaize Township

Brian Saylor to Keith Gray; Sec. 20, .429 acre; Sec. 20, 1 acre. Warranty deeds.

Betty L. Jutte to Mycah N. Grandstaff and Leandryce M. Miller; Sec. 30, .234 acre. Survivorship deed.

David J. Kortokrax and Michelle M. Kortokrax to David J. Kortokrax, trustee and Michelle M. Kortokrax, trustee; Sec. 30, .189 acre. Exempt deed.

Benton Township

Estohn, LLC to Estohn, LLC; Sec. 3, 89.010 acres. Warranty deed.

Timothy J. Freiburger and Geri L. Freiburger to Michael L. Sturges and Jenna L. Sturges; Sec. 4, 5.531 acres. Warranty deed.

Brady R&K Corporation to A&T Ruthman, LLC; Sec. 16, 118.240 acres; Sec. 17, 15 acres. Warranty deeds.

Carryall Township

Berl R. Reading, Jr. and Renee Reading to Christopher Ryan and Kimberly L. Ryan; Sec. 3, 1.888 acres. Warranty.

Dorothy Schlegel to Steven Christopher Bechtol; Sec. 32, 2.108 acres. Affidavit.

Emerald Township

Vicente Rodriguez and Tomas Rodriguez to Yolanda Dalton; Sec. 22, .482 acre. Warranty deed.

Harrison Township

Stephen W. Reznikov to Jarrod W. Childs; Sec. 35, .344 acre. Certificate transfer.

Paulding Township

Noneman Family Farms, LLC to Kristin L. Noneman; Sec. 14, 14.480 acres. Exempt deed.

Ellen Louise Hankinson to US Bank Trust National Association Trustee of American Home; Village of Paulding Lot 2, .273 acre. Sheriff deed.

Robert Hobart to Paulding Village Real Estate, LLC; Village of Paulding Lot 3, .051 acre; Village of Paulding Lot 4, .051 acre. Warranty deeds.

Payne Village

Janet S. Evans, trustee to Dennis Recker and Monica Recker; Village of Payne Lot 6, .364 acre; Village of Payne Lot 5, .342 acre. Warranty deed.

Tammy K. Williams to Ross D. Carnahan and Skylar M. Carnahan; Village of Payne Lot 70, .148 acre. Warranty deed.

Oakwood Village

Sherry Adams to Michelle Suman and Staci R. Sherry; Village of Oakwood Sec. 35, .653 acre. Affidavit.

Antwerp Village

Jonathan S. Miller to Olen G. McMichael; Village of Antwerp Lot 19, .184 acre. Warranty deed.

Broughton Village

Carol E. Temple to Manz Enterprises, LLC; Village of Broughton Lot 1, 1.732 acres. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Francisco V. Bernal and Charlene Bernal to Francisco V. Bernal and Charlene Bernal; Paulding Village Lot 141, .258 acre. Exempt deed.

Grover Hill Village

Tim Butler to Timothy J. Butler and Regina L. Butler; Village of Grover Hill Lot 6, .390 acre. Exempt deeds.