Benton Township

Justin P. Russell and Si Yi V. Russell to Juan O. Lebron Sr.; Sec. 10, 0.87 acre. Warranty deed.

Blue Creek Township

Sinn Real Estate LLC to Todd W. Sinn and Janet A. Sinn; Sec. 13, 81.332 acres. Exempt deed.

Brown Township

Mark N. Bockrath and Dale A.Bockrath to Mark N. Bockrath, trustee and Dale A. Bockrath; Sec. 12, 40.64 acres; Sec. 12, 37.602 acres. Exempt deeds.

Lyy Fitzwater and Norma Fitzwater to Lynn Fitzwater and Norma Fitzwater; Sec. 13, 80 acres. Exempt deed.

Carryall Township

Stewart F.Taylor and Sue L. Taylor to Stewart F.Taylor, trustee and Sue L. Taylor, trustee; Sec. 3, 30 acres. Exempt deed.

J. David Coleman and Denise M. Coleman to Andrew C. Coleman and Mackenzie P. Coleman; Sec. 24, 3.246 acres. Warranty deed.

Wayne E. Huss to John W. Huss; Sec. 26, 5.018 acres. Exempt deed.

J. David Coleman to Chet Allen Clevinger; Sec. 26, 0.653 acre; Sec. 26 0 acres. Warranty deed.

Crane Township

Herschel L. Severnce to Ra Haszi; Sec. 23, 2.186 acres. Warranty deed.

Jackson Township

Sinn Real Estate LLC et al to Sinn Real Estate LLC et al; Sec. 31, 4.77 acres; Sec. 31, 406.486 acres. Exempt deeds.

Latty Township

Terry E. Runle and Kay E. Ruble to McClure Farms LLC; Sec. 10, 40 acres. Warranty deed.

Cathy Jo Huss and John W. Huss to Cathy Jo Huss and John W. Huss; Sec. 7, 30 acres. Exempt deed.

Payne Village

Barbara J. Lentz to Austin Tyler Scheiner and Jessica Lee Scheiner; Village of Payne Sec. 3, 2.82 acres. Warranty deed.

Austin Tyler Scheiner and Jessica Lee Scheiner to Christopher T.Crosby and Kristina L. Crosby; Village of Payne Lot 15, 0.277 acre; Lot 16, 0.277 acre. Warranty deeds.

Antwerp Village

Ed M. Snyder and Julia L. Snyder to Robert E. Mills and Julie Ann Mills; Village of Antwerp Lot 14, 0.2122 acre. Warranty deed.

Cecil Village

Ted Koenn & Sons Inc. to Ted Koenn & Sons Inc.; Village of Cecil Sec. 11, 1.5 acres. Easement exempt.

Payne Village

Allen Wobler and Kristy Wobler to Michelle L. Walter and Brett M. Mullins; Village of Payne Lot 9, 0.303 acre. Warranty deed.

Jodi L. Granger to Tina Marie Payne; Village of Payne Lot 21, 0.2583 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Constance Haller to Ethan Webster and Brooke A. Webster; Village of Paulding Lot 2, 0.68 acre. Warranty deed.

Matthew A. Miller and Wendy K. Miller to Andrew S. Manz and Laura E. Manz; Village of Paulding Lot 6, 0.2962 acre. Warranty deed.

Earnestine Tod Hill to Sara S. Paputsakis; Village of Paulding Lot 156, 0.2583 acre. Warranty deed.

Cory Thompson and Nicki Thompson to Timothy R. Goodwin; Village of Paulding Lot 23, 0.3924 acre. Warranty deed.

Grover Hill

Patricia A. Miller to Christian J. Laukhuf; Village of Grover Hill Lot 21, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Danielle E. Stahl to Rachel M. Hoffman; Village of Grover Hill Sec. 26, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.