The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

Clara J. Branham, LE to Henrietta Yoder, et al; Sec. 20, 0.3122 acre; Sec. 20, 0.0234 acre; Sec. 20, 1.477 acres. Exempt deeds.

Brown Township

Dana R. Bair and Ruth Ann Bair to Dana R. Bair; Sec. 27, 2.164 acres. Exempt deed.

Crane Township

J.F. Minck Family Farm to J.F. Minck Family Farm; Sec. 2, 70.664 acres. Warranty deed.

Denise E. Schwab to John D. Merriman and Jayme A. Merriman; Sec. 10, 2.6 acres; Sec. 10, 27.796 acres. Warranty deeds.

Paulding Township

Janice L. Lininger to Jeremy R. Seibert; Sec. 25, 0.96 acre. Warranty deed.

Antwerp Village

Douglas J. Ramsier to Leslie L. Detmon and Matthew E. Detmon; Village of Antwerp Lot 8, 0.1492 acre; Village of Antwerp Lot 7, 0.191 acre. Survivorship deeds.

Payne Village

Melissa S. Rindahl to Andrew M. Rothenbuhler; Village of Payne Lot 1, 0.1302 acre; Village of Payne Lot 2, 0.1302 acre. Warranty deeds.

Broughton Village

Janet L. Vinson and William Vinson, et al; Village of Broughton Lot 22, 1.238 acres. Exempt deed.

Paulding Village

Paul E. Daniels and Bonnie L. Daniels to Bowman and Bowman Holdings, LLC; Village of Paulding Lots 17 & 19, 0.41 acre. Warranty deed.

Delores J. Sutton to William R. Sutton; Village of Paulding Lot 8, 0.2015 acre. Exempt deed.

Grover Hill Village

Andrew R. Rickard to Jennifer A. Carr; Village of Grover Hill Lot 30, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Latty Village

Megan Coughlin to Avery A. Rice and Megan R. Rice; Village of Latty Sec. 36, 3.199 acres. Exempt deed.