The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Brown Township

Roger T. Miller and Shelly K. Miller, et al to E&R Farm, LLC; Sec. 5, 130.87 acres. Exempt deed.

E&R Farm, LLC to McVay Farms, LLC; Sec. 5, 1 acre. Exempt deed.

Phillip R. Ehrman and Joann Ehrman to Jo Ann Ehrman; Sec. 35, 18.57 acres; Sec. 35, 0.275 acre. Exempt deeds.

Carryall Township

Adam J. Laker to Joshua J. Hahn and Chelsey E. Caldwell Hahn; Sec. 3, 3 acres. Survivorship deed.

Emerald Township

Michael J. Dunn and Susan M. Dunn to Christopher M. Miller and Tina L. Lockwood; Sec. 2, 1.5 acres. Warranty deed.

Harrison Township

Jerald A. Overmyer and Marilyn J. Overmyer to Jerald A. Overmyer; Sec. 2, 113.685 acres; Sec. 2, 1 acre. Exempt deeds.

Melrose Village

Cathy Warner, et al to Denzy, LLC, et al; Village of Melrose Lot 240, 0.1722 acre; Village of Melrose Lot 239, 0.1722 acre. Exempt deeds.

Paulding Village

Kaitlynn M. Johnson to Kim R. Cooper; Village of Paulding Lot 35, 0.2 acre. Exempt deed.

Robert F. Davis, II and Holly K. Davis to Brian Davis, et al; Village of Paulding Lot 161, 0.1455 acre. Exempt deed.

Colton D. Danberry, trustee to Christine Slattery; Village of Paulding Lot 3, 0.214 acre. Fiduciary deed.