The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

Melinda R. Ahl to Kyle Weisenburger; Sec. 31, 0 acre. Bill of sale.

Benton Township

Stephanie Bowman to Mohawk Fireworks LLC; Sec. 31, 19.707 acres. Warranty deed.

Brown Township

Ryan D. Lassiter and Lindsay K. Lassiter to Brandon Belcher; Sec. 28, 0.3903 acre; Sec. 28, 0.3903 acre; Sec. 28, 0.3903 acre. Warranty deeds.

Carryall Township

Danny A. Thompson and Tammy L. Thompson to Daniel R. Byrd; Sec. 15, 8.431 acres. Warranty deed.

Jeremy Malfait to Joe F. Graber and Rosa Graber; Sec. 21, 17.388 acres. Warranty deed.

Dale M. McDorman and Anita Marie McDorman to Matthew R. Eicher and Kara E. Eicher; Sec. 25, 0.356 acre. Warranty deed.

Emerald Township

Linda A. Ganger to Steven Bergman; Sec. 28, 3 acres. Exempt deed.

Payne Village

Jeffrey John Mumma and Anna Marie Baumle to Nicholas J. Fogarty and Olivia M. Fogarty; Lot 3, Birkhold Addition, 0.1667 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Raymond J. Buchman to Timothy R. Bakle; Lot 90, Noneman Emerald Acres Allot #1, 0.2583 acre. Warranty deed.

Matthew Salinas and Rebecca Salinas to Matthew Salinas; Lot 28, Dix First Addition, 0.2136 acre. Exempt deed.

Nathan R. Sunday and Kathleen N. Sunday to Matthew D. Cox and Victoria Jones; Lot 14, Utterback Subdivision, 0.3105 acre. Warranty deed.

Ephraim Kipfer Jr. to Jon Kent Kipfer and Ricki Ilene Gerber; Lot 23, Outlots, 0.539 acre; Lot 23, Outlots, 0.27 acre; Lot 23, Outlots, 0.385 acre. Exempt deeds.

Grace E. Crockett et al. to Brenna M. Baker; Lot 20, Noneman North Side Allot, 0.3444 acre. Trustee deed.

Grover Hill Village

Paulding County Land Reutilization Corporation to Habitat for Humanity of Paulding County Ohio Inc.; Lot 2, Jenkins Addition, 0.2015 acre. Exempt deed.

John R. Hinchcliff and Eladis Hinchcliff to John R. Hinchcliff; Lot 48, Grover Hill, 0.2 acre. Exempt deed.