The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Carryall Township

James M. Hertel Trustee to Matthew Saylor and Alyssa M. Saylor; Sec. 14, 5.001 acres. Survivorship deed.

Crane Township

Robert Schoenike and Daniel R. Thiele Trustee to Robert Louis Schoenike Trustee and Daniel R. Thiele Trustee; Sec. 30, 50.139 acres. Exempt deed.

Harrison Township

Eric L. Gebhart and Shelly Gebhart to John D. Carter and Katrina D. Fitzpatrick; Sec. 35, 0.34 acre. Warranty deed.

Jackson Township

Marcia R. Smith to Francis D. Aldred and Karen S. Aldred; Sec. 10, 1.543 acres. Warranty deed.

Latty Township

Blane A. Mohr, Trustee and Phillip R. Mohr, Trustee to Blane A. Mohr and Phillip R. Mohr; Sec. 31, 20 acres. Exempt deed.

Paulding Township

Russell P. White and Janelle J. Miller to Gary Huss and Tonya Huss; Sec. 9, 1.812 acres. Warranty deed.

Washington Township

Linda S. Mills to Timothy C. Cramer and Kylee M. Cramer; Sec. 36, 1.5 acres. Warranty deed.

Antwerp Village

Andrew J. Messman to Andrew J. Messman; Lot 3, Block G, 0.134 acre; Lot 13, Marilyn-Doris Second Addition, 0 acre. Exempt deeds.

Payne Village

Kathleen Pendergrast to CMS Holdings and Rentals LLC; Lot 104 Gibson First Addition, 0.1481 acre. Exempt deed.

Paulding Village

June B. Brown to Timothy R. Bakle; Lot 131, Noneman Emerald Acres Allot #3, 0.2101 acre. Sheriff deed.

Grover Hill Village

Gary Powell Brown and Debra Jean Davis to Debra Jean Davis and Charles Davis; Lot 69, 0.148 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Kay M. Langham, Trustee to KFL Capital LLC; Lot 58 and Lot 59, Noneman Second Addition; 0.182 acre. Exempt deed.