The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Benton Township

Dennis O. Williams and Deborah J. Williams to Deborah J. Williams; Sec. 3, 0.3444 acre. Exempt deed.

Shandonn Moore to Dennis R. Dempsey II and Jennifer L. Dempsey; Sec. 3, 4.063 acres. Warranty deed.

Charlotte B. Woods, trustee to Paulding Property LLC; Sec. 7, 66.411 acres. Exempt.

Brown Township

Wayne J. Bronson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Sec. 8, 1.335 acres. Exempt deed.

Çarryall Township

Jeffrey L. Hahn and Leesa A. Hahn to Jeffrey L. Hahn and Leesa A. Hahn; Sec, 3, 2.361 acres. Easement exempt.

Timothy Benjamin Brown and Lorianne Brown to Zackery Compton and Carrie Reeb; Sec. 25, 0.356 acre.; sec. 25, 0.356 acre; Sec. 25, 0.356 acre. Warranty deeds.

Crane Township

Jason D. Esquivel and Monica L. Esquivel to Monica L. Bertwell; Sec. 4, 2.54 acres. Exempt deed.

Emerald Township

Dennis A. Miller to VE Schlegel and Amy D. Schlegel; Sec. 14, 1.83 acres. Sheriff deed.

Harrison Township

Dennis O. Williams and Deborah J. Williams to Deborah J. Williams; Sec. 25, 5.1 acres. Exempt deed.

Latty Township

Scott L. Dangler and Tonnette L. Arnett to Taylor J. Reichert and Audrey M. Reichert; Sec. 5, 1.27 acres. Warranty deed.

Paulding Township

David A. Long and Nancy A. Long to David A. Long LE and Nancy A. Long LE; Sec. 28, 87.94 acres; Sec. 28, 56 acres. Exempt deeds.

Washington Township

Collins Family Development LTD to D&V Collins LLC; Sec. 29, 50.163 acres. Exempt deed.

Linda K. Girod to Donald W. Collins and Vivian Collins; Sec. 29, 3.385 acres. Warranty deed.

Kenneth G. Simindinger and Elizabeth C. Simindinger to Elizabeth C. Simindinger;

Payne Village

Jean M. Kuhn and Robert D. Kuhn to John P. Morse and Nancy M. Morse; Lot 11, Tabor Addition, 0.2 acre. Quit claim.

Haviland Village

Geraldine L. Akom to Jamie Ream; Lot 12, 0.0138 acre; Lot 12, 0.1102 acre; Lot 21, 0.1148 acre. Exempt deeds.

Cecil Village

Dawn Marie Chrisman to Michael D. Mohr; Lot 1, Davis Addition, 0.5 acre. Warranty deed.

Payne Village

Duane M. Burkley to David Allen Burkley Sr.; Lot 1, Block A, 0.2548 acre. Warranty deed.

Joyce A. Balogh to Robert L. Trammell Jr. and Ronda S. Merkle; Lot 6, Block E, 0.8735 acre. Warranty deed.

Latty Village

Sue Geren to Chasidy S. Strable and Zackary R. Strable; Lot 27, Rixsom South, 0.2 acre. Quit claim.

Paulding Village

Lee Kniceley LE to Gregory Louis Wargolet Sr. and Diane Marie Wargolet; Lot 8, Hartzog Country Side Estates, 0.3684 acre. Warranty deed.

Clara Sue Warrren to Chasidy S. Strable; Lot 27, Henning Addition, 0.2015 acre. Quit claim.