The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Blue Creek Township

Alvin Klopfenstein & Sons, Inc. to Alvin Kopfenstein, Inc.; Sec. 22, 84.581 acres. Exempt deed.

Alvin Klopfenstein & Sons, Inc. to Alvin Klopfenstein & Sons, Inc.; Sec. 22, 158.5 acres; Sec. 27, 160 acres; Sec. 28, 400 acres. Easements.

Carryall Township

Pamela L. Munster, et al to Pamela L. Munster and Dennis L. Kees; Sec. 19, 38.166 acres. Warranty deed.

Nicholas Mendez, III to Nicholas Mendez, III and Jessica J. Mendez; Sec. 33, 0.917 acre; Sec. 33, 0.397 acre. Exempt deeds.

Robert O. Kanney, Jr. and Kimberly M. Kanney to Dennis R. Dempsey and Pamela L. Dempsey; Sec. 34, 8.721 acres. Warranty deed.

Crane Township

Edward P. Ringler and Mari Beth Ringler to Edward P. Ringler; Sec. 23, 16.223 acres. Exempt deed.

Brandon Glenn Headley to Jacob M. Brown; Sec. 7, 1 acre. Warranty deed.

Jackson Township

Steven L. Bussing and Beverly M. Bussing to Gareth Greener and Daphne Greener; Sec. 18, 0.486 acre. Warranty deed.

Antwerp Village

Michael R. Lutz to Wesley R. Stillions; Village of Antwerp Lot 13, 0.0152 acre.; Village of Antwerp Lot 16, 0.0076 acre; Village of Antwerp Lot 31, 0.1584 acre/ Warranty deed.

Phillip Piersma to Charles Smith and Pamela Smith; Village of Antwerp Sec. 27, 0.309 acre. Exempt deed.

Broughton Village

Sherri J. Ruder to Dalton M. Adkins; Village of Broughton Lot 26, 0.347 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Richard Pepper, et al to Richard Pepper, et al; Village of Paulding Lot 55 & Lot 54, 0.4821 acre. Warranty deed.

Judy A. Haas to Carl Cox and Karen J. Cox; Village of Paulding Lot 89, 0.3512 acre. Warranty deed.

Dennis R. Krick to Norman E. Tritsch, Jr.; Village of Paulding Lot 47, 0.197 acre; Village of Paulding Lot 48, 0.1864 acre. Fiduciary deed.