The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Benton Township

Timothy E. Wirts and Jenifer L. Wirts to Timothy E. Wirts, trustee and Jenifer L. Wirts, trustee; Sec. 9, 1.17 acres; sec. 16, 39.38 acres. Exempt deeds.

Car-Lou Farms Inc. to Car-Lou Farms Inc.; Sec. 13, 40 acres; Sec. 13, 27.919 acres. Easement exempts.

Blue Creek Township

Roy Noggle, trustee and Randy Noggle, trustee to Roy Noggle, trustee and Randy Noggle, trustee; Sec. 4, 39.192 acres; Sec. 20, 40 acres. Easement exempts.

Van Erk Dairy LLC to Van Erk Dairy LLC; Sec. 5, 91.589 acres. Easement exempt.

C&R Holdings to C&R Holdings; Sec. 18, 80 acres. Easement exempt.

Brown Township

Krista K. Gonzales et al. to Charles S. Gonzales Jr. and Krista K. Gonzales; Sec. 8, 0.315 acre; Sec. 8, 0.733 acre. Exempt deeds.

Carryall Township

Michael P. Kunesh and Pamela C. Kunesh to Michael P. Kunesh; Sec. 15, 1.063 acres. Exempt deed.

Michael R. Seslar LE to Christine E. Buchan and Susan M. Laney; Sec. 21, 0.475 acre; Sec. 21, 0.25 acre; Sec. 28, 0.155 acre. Exempt deeds.

Karen Banks to Andrew C. Coleman and Mackenzie P. Coleman; Sec. 26, 4 acres. Survivorship deed.

Crane Township

Vicente Rodriguez and Tomas Rodriguez to Lucan Jack Starr; Sec. 10, 3.779 acres. Warranty deed.

Harrison Township

Michael D. Bevis, trustee and Cheryl K. Bevis, trustee to Michael D. Bevis LE and Cheryl K. Bevis LE; Sec. 30, 1 acre; Sec. 30, 0.8 acre; Sec. 30, 146.46 acres. Exempt deeds.

Arend Farms LLC to Arend Farms LLC; Sec. 10, 198.477 acres. Easement exempt.

Paulding Township

Roy Noggle, trustee and Randy Noggle, trustee to Roy Noggle, trustee and Randy Noggle, trustee; Sec. 33, 74.97 acres. Easement exempt.

Washington Township

Krista K. Gonzalez et al. to Vanessa M. Poling; Sec. 9, 14.76 acres. Exempt deed.

Antwerp Village

James B. Arend and Joanne R. Arend to James B. Arend; Lot 19, Marilyn Doris Addition, 0.1492 acre; Lot 18, Marilyn-Doris Addition, 0.1389 acre. Exempt deeds.

Jassmine Reyes and Andrew Reyes to Terry Zartman and Pam Zartman; Lot 16, Wabash and Erie Canal Addition Phase II, 0.506 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Nick B. Mott to Nick B. Mott LE and Sharril L. Mott LE; Lot 22 outlots, 1.84 acres. Exempt deed.

Grover Hill Village

J&W Apartments LLC to Brittany M. Motycka and Cody M. Motycka; Lot 105, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Latty Village

Danny Reed to Kenneth Reed; Lot 32, Rixsom South, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Melissa Ann McGrath to Terry E. Coombs; Lot 23, outlots, 0.248 acre. Warranty deed.