The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

Blake Dolt to Scott Edgar; Sec. 19, 0.4351 acre. Warranty deed.

Benton Township

Devin M. Snyder to Devon M. Snyder; Sec. 3, 5.1 acres, Exempt deed.

Brown Township

Ivy R. Lawhorn and Walter Young to Walter Young, LE; Sec. 8, 1.29 acres. Exempt deed.

Ruth Ann Bair and Lesa Mansfield, et al to Beau Leatherman; Sec. 27, 3.137 acres. Warranty deed.

Crane Township

John William Hess, Jr. and Cathy Diane Hess to Adam F. Sexton; Sec. 5, 3.92 acres. Warranty deed.

Paulding Township

Michael A. Wilhelm, trustee to Karl T. Wilhelm, trustee; Sec. 4, 2 acres. Exempt deed.

Charles L. Coyne and Donna M. Coyne to Michael Yazhari; Sec. 7, 0.2927 acre; Sec. 7, 0.2066 acre; Sec. 7, 0.9553 acre. Warranty deeds.

Ruth Ann Bair, et al to Paul H. Hill; Sec. 24, 1.723 acres. Warranty deed.

Washington Township

Dwight Jay Lockie and Debra Millett Lockie to Chad A. Carpenter; Sec. 17, 2.25 acres. Quit claim.

Paulding Village

Bowman & Bowman Holdings, Inc. to James David Feehan; Village of Paulding Lot 30, 0.2015 acre. Exempt deed.

CMS Holdings and Rentals, LLC. to James David Feehan; Village of Paulding Lot 31, 0.2015 acre. Warranty deed.