The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Auglaize Township

First Federal Bank of the Midwest to James R. McDaniel; 0.391 acre, 0.187 acre. Warranty deeds.

Blue Creek Township

First Bank of Berne Trustee of William H. Eisenmann trust to Trust Company of Toledo; Sec. 25, 198.881 acres; Sec. 26, 40 acres. Exempt deeds.

Brown Township

Kathleen S. Schmiedel to Benjamin Osburn and Kelly Osburn; Sec. 12, 1.496 acres. Survivorship deed.

Crane Township

Jeanne E. Eberly to Simeon D. Shepherd; Sec. 15, 0.539 acre. Warranty deed.

Emerald Township

Ronald G. Weber and Jalaine J. Weber to Jalaine J. Weber; Sec. 12, 1.096 acres. Exempt deed.

Latty Township

Monica M. Army and Claudette A. Shinabery to Claudette A. Shinabery, et al.; Sec. 29, 25.779 acres; Sec. 29, 50 acres; Sec. 33, 80 acres. Exempt deeds.

Payne Village

James D. Forrer to Angela L. Franklin; Village of Payne Lot 133, 2.273 acres; Village of Payne Lot 132, 0.4012 acre. Exempt deeds.

Paulding Village

Brian M. Egnor and Rachel A. Egnor to Elijah Howard and Megan Neville; Village of Paulding Lot 174, 0.3271 acre. Warranty deed.

Linda S. Perna to David W. Jones; Village of Paulding Lot 220, 0.1606 acre. Exempt deed.