The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Paulding Township

John O. Scheele and Cynthia R. Scheele to Ryan R. Randall, et al.; Sec. 20, 40 acres; Sec. 21, 78.25 acres. Warranty deeds.

Washington Township

Carolyn K. Pruden, LE to Christopher L. Pruden, et al.; Sec.27, 8 acres; Sec. 29, 37.52 acres; Sec. 4, 55 acres; Sec. 17, 94.363 acres; Sec. 17, 13.767 acres. Exempt deeds.

Oakwood Village

Stanley Kirk Baker to Royal Woolbright Jr.; Village of Oakwood Lot 25, 0.2379 acre. Exempt deed.

Grover Hill Village

B&C Ross Rentals, LLC. to Jeffery A. Lands and Candace M. Lands; Village of Grover Hill Lot 1, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Paulding Village

Matthew D. Hull and Stephanie A. Hull to Matthew D. Hull Sr.; Village of Paulding Lot 19, 0.3444 acre. Exempt deed.