The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.

Benton Township

Brady R&K Corp to Brady R&K Corp; Sec. 13, 40 acres. Exempt deed.

Brown Township

Michael R. Deveaux and Kay E. Deveaux to Rusty L. Bradford and Jessica L. Bradford; Sec. 22, 3.109 acres. Warranty deed.

Carryall Township

Dorothy I. Snook LE to Joseph B. Barker and Jodi M. Barker; Sec. 28, 62.733 acres. Exempt deed.

Deloris J. Giannetini, trustee to Joseph B. Barker and Jodi M. Barker; Sec. 33, 1.2 acres. Exempt deed.

Jackson Township

Lee E. Hoeffel and Paul E. Hoeffel to Lee E. Hoeffel and Paul E. Hoeffel, trustee; Sec. 22, 60 acres; Sec. 22, 40 acres. Exempt deeds.

Latty Township

Pamela Fast to Ronald R. Treece, trustee and Karla J. Treece, trustee; Sec. 23, 113.5 acres. Warranty deed.

Melrose Village

Johnny G. Rakes to T3 Properties LLC; Lot 403, Patterson Addition, 0.1722 acres. Warranty deed.

Oakwood Village

Harold McCullough and Jane M. McCullough to Jane M. McCullough; Lot 16, EPT out lots, 3.51 acres; Lot 16, out lots 1.3264 acres; Lot 16, 9.38 acres. Afidavit.

Antwerp Village

Kenneth Allen to Jacob A. Shaffer; Lot 2, Jones Addition, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.

Payne Village

Core Capital Properties LLC to National Premier Investments LLC; Lot 13, Block E, 0.1981 acre. Quit claim.

Latty Village

Kenneth Speice and Angela Speice to Sean L. McMichael and Lauren M. McMichael; out lots, Sec. 36, 0.33 acre; out lots, Sec. 36, 0.98 acre. Warranty deeds.

Paulding Village

Linda K. Eakins to Linda K. Baumle and James G. Baumle; Lot 82, Dix First Addition, 0.1 acre. Exempt deed.